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Recipes for Denali Food

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My climbing partner's girlfriend helped devise these. All ingredients were vaccume sealed in a seal-a-meal bag, then we added water. Worked out quite well.


Recipe #1-

4 packages Quaker instant grits

2 oz chopped Gallo Italian Sausage

½ oz powdered milk

1 tsp simply organic all purpose herb blend

1 oz Parmesan plus

2 tbs margarine

Add 2 cups H2O


Recipe #2-

1 cup coos coos

2 tbs margarine

45 grams home dried chipped beef

1 tsp real beef granules (essentially beef bouillon I believe)

1 tsp organic herb mix

½ oz powdered milk

½ tsp pepper

2 tsp beef broth

Add 2 cups H2O


Recipe #3-

All of recipe #1 plus the following:

20 grams pine nuts

½ tsp garlic powder

3 tsp dried basil

Add 2cups H2O


Recipe #4-

2 oz chopped salami

1 oz Parmesan

1-cup tomato basil coos coos

1 tsp herb mix

2 tbs margarine

Add 2 cups H2O


Recipe #5

1 ½ oz sun dried tomatoes

1 oz Parmesan

1 oz chopped salami

2 tbs tomato paste

1 pkg of Raman noodles, crushed up

Add 1 ½ cups H2O


All ingredients were purchased at QFC in West Seattle

Costco may be a better place to get the salami

Margarine used instead of butter because it holds up better unrefrigerated, as these get prepared ahead of time


Calorie content- do the math

Grits-100 cal per pkg

Salami- 120 cal/oz

Parmesan plus-

Margarine- 100cal/tbs

Coos coos- 190 cal/ ¼ cup

Hormel Dried Beef 50cal/0z

Powdered milk- 80 cal/23 grams or was that 28 grams- that would make more sense.

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this stuff is making me hungry. so will meat last if its vacuum sealed? how long will it last for if its out in the heat?


There's no heat on Denali!!


Meats like salami or bacon will last 4-5 days vacuum sealed if temps are cool (70 of below). Any hotter and I'd be scared to eat them.

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fyi, costco carries packages of vacuum-sealed precooked bacon that does not need refrigeration as long as its kept in its original packaging...its awesome on long trips :)


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Yum. I like these. Does anyone have any other creative culinary wonders up their sleeve they would care to recommend (cans of Chef Boyardee aside)? My creativity in this area is so lame.

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Anybody have any experience with taking bagels up there? Shelf life? Brand? Obviously want something with lots o' preservatives.


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You can buy chix in a foil packet. It's pretty heavy but not too bad if you eat it by the 3rd day. In the past I've dried chicken and carried it on trips. Basically I just cooked chicken breast then threw them in the dehydrator for about 12 hours. Chop them up really small and you don't have to let them soak to re-hydrate. I find that if you add alot of soy sauce it taste pretty good.


I've taken bagels before -- they are good for the first 4-5 days. However - they're bulky and heavy - consider pilot bread; it's lighter and never goes stale (or rather you can't really tell if it's stale or not).


Some fav meals; I couldn't tell you the exact measurements - I usually just toss a bunch of stuff in a bag and vacuum seal it:


Chix & Potatoes

- dried mashed potatoes

- dried chicken

- dried peas

- dried corn

- spices


Pesto / Rice / Chix

- minute rice

- dried pesto

- dried chix

- dried spinach


Bacon / Corn / Potatoes

- bacon

- mashers

- corn

- gravy


And my fav:



- chix

- potatoes

- corn

- stuffing

- gravy

- a handful of craisens


We always measure out enough for 2 people then dump it into a bag and vacuum seal. Dried meats will last an expedition plus 2+ days on either end (if it's not too hot). Dried veggies last forever. Keep what you don't eat in the freezer for next year.

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