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  1. Recipes for Denali Food

    My climbing partner's girlfriend helped devise these. All ingredients were vaccume sealed in a seal-a-meal bag, then we added water. Worked out quite well. Recipe #1- 4 packages Quaker instant grits 2 oz chopped Gallo Italian Sausage ½ oz powdered milk 1 tsp simply organic all purpose herb blend 1 oz Parmesan plus 2 tbs margarine Add 2 cups H2O Recipe #2- 1 cup coos coos 2 tbs margarine 45 grams home dried chipped beef 1 tsp real beef granules (essentially beef bouillon I believe) 1 tsp organic herb mix ½ oz powdered milk ½ tsp pepper 2 tsp beef broth Add 2 cups H2O Recipe #3- All of recipe #1 plus the following: 20 grams pine nuts ½ tsp garlic powder 3 tsp dried basil Add 2cups H2O Recipe #4- 2 oz chopped salami 1 oz Parmesan 1-cup tomato basil coos coos 1 tsp herb mix 2 tbs margarine Add 2 cups H2O Recipe #5 1 ½ oz sun dried tomatoes 1 oz Parmesan 1 oz chopped salami 2 tbs tomato paste 1 pkg of Raman noodles, crushed up Add 1 ½ cups H2O All ingredients were purchased at QFC in West Seattle Costco may be a better place to get the salami Margarine used instead of butter because it holds up better unrefrigerated, as these get prepared ahead of time Calorie content- do the math Grits-100 cal per pkg Salami- 120 cal/oz Parmesan plus- Margarine- 100cal/tbs Coos coos- 190 cal/ ¼ cup Hormel Dried Beef 50cal/0z Powdered milk- 80 cal/23 grams or was that 28 grams- that would make more sense.
  2. Mountain Toe/Foot?

    It is an overuse injury- a minor neurological problem from repeatedly slamming your feet in boots(or repeatedly rubbing against the end of too small boots etc) Usually gradually resolves over less than a year.
  3. Denali Expedition Meal Planning

    On my second Denali trip my partner remarked that in each life there is a finite number of freeze dried meals a person can consume. He was right- I hit my limit and make all my meals now. They go well in seal-a-meal bags and reconstitute with hot water. Would be glad to provide my secret recipies to whomever may be interested- was quite tastey most of the time.
  4. Cassin Ridge

    I'm trying to put together a trip up thr NE Fork this spring as well. I have a bunch of email correspondence on particulars of the Cassin, a reference or two, and somewhere I have a copy of the topo Andy DeClerk drew.