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  1. I've looked at doing one of these schools too. Is the 6 weeks on / 1 week off pretty standard? Could you have them fly you elsewhere? Also curious what a realistic starting pay would be after going to this school (these jobs come w/ health care/benefits?). Sounds like a good way to save up a bunch of money for big climbing trips. Thanks.
  2. dang I wish I would have saw this thread before I went and did Olympus. Did it the day after you posted (8/24) and could have used those pictures to realize I should go up the false summit. Went around it and did some interesting 4th class scrambling w/ crampons on. As of 8/24 the moat was still in easy condition to get onto the rock if anyone cares.
  3. Olympus conditions

    Anyone know anything? Is the standard route in? Thanks, Jesse
  4. Awesome photos, looks fantastic but what iS wItH yOUr weBsITe lOoKinG liKE tHiS?
  5. how many pullups can you do?

    muscle ups on the bar and rings are pretty different. While rings require much more technique the bar requires much more power. There was some thing on CF that mentioned how many pullups / dips you need before you should get a muscle up but that is mostly just guess work as everyone is different. A more explosive athlete might have an easier time w/ MUs but not be able to do as many pullups or dips as perhaps more of an endurance athlete.
  6. warm beach / port susan bay

    Not about climbing but not sure where to put it. When I was in high school I went to a beach in this area near Stanwood. It was really interesting because the water is unusually warm and its very shallow. The deepest part is about waist deep and has a sandy bottom. Anyone know where it is / how to get to it? Thanks, Jesse
  7. eff my life. speeding ticket for $150 and $100 credit card roulette tab and I didn't even drink. and $450 for nepals, most expensive trip of the year.
  8. Stuart Range on Friday, Sat, or Sunday

    By climbing I mean Vantage because I quit alpine climbing
  9. Stuart Range on Friday, Sat, or Sunday

    C money want to skip school next week and go climbing?
  10. BD Womens XS Punisher Ice Climbing Gloves - NEW

    C Money let me try them on next week I'll buy em for $40
  11. uh, STFU Craig & say whats up to Ryan. And plan to climb during the week @ vantage next qrt w/ me.
  12. FS: Umbilical - $50

    are you in seattle?
  13. FS: Quark Ergos

    just got the quarks, everyone was as Chad said and quick shipping. thanks.
  14. FS: Quark Ergos

    pm sent on quarks
  15. Mountaineering / Climbing gear ... etc

    I checked out the Nepal boots today and they are in great condition, just a bit too small for my feet.