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that ties to the whole political and constitutional system. 200 years ago this country was created as a rebelion against the establishment of british empire. well, while the rest of the world went on and now we have a parliament with prime minister in GB, this country operates under the same set of laws from 200 years ago. and the same mentality which prevents political change causes this "christian" attitude/behavior. as these religions (starting with luther) were created against the dominance of catholic church. even this last institution reformed itself many times since a lot of fundamental christians want to turn the world to 17th century (as well as muslim fundamentalism is trying to turn it into 11th century).

it's also about public preception: there is almost identical number of abuse cases in protestant churches, yet the media is not blowing the horn on this one. let's take the divorce rate: #1 nevada with Missouri not far behing. as the matter of fact 9 out of 10 states are from south-east (ie bible belt)- so what's up with that?

this administration has nothing to do with christianity or moral values. while clinton lied about receiving a blow job from the intern (guilty of boning an ugly chick) this administration waged a war lying to the public about wmd. ok as the result over 1300 us soldiers dead, similar figures among soldiers of fortune(private contractors), how many iraqis- we will never find out. bin laden is out and about (remember he not husain is responsible for sep 11th) NATO contributed 16 000 troops to afganistan, while us keeps about 11 000!

this administration uses "moral values" only as it is convinient for them, words like honesty and integrity do not exist in their vocabulary. i am talking not only about GWB but the whole administration.

and their hand-in-hand policies with russia- that's criminal.

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