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Alpenthal on Friday


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Hahaha...Lance, you're a moron. Nobody was complaing about decent boarders. It's the shitheads that insist that 2 days on the board are enough to scrape sideways down a steep run.


Josh, were you born with skis on? Does the word "snowplow" mean anything to you? Do you remember when you were learning? I understand your frustration. I have been skiing for like 16 years now and have been boarding for 3. It is frustrating (as a skier) to see boarders scrape down or just sit in the middle of a run. But you have to remember that some of these people are learning. Give them some slack. If you are on an intermediate or beginning run....gues what? There may be beginning or intermediate skier/boarders on that run. Just because your car can do 120mph does not mean you can drive 120mph through a school zone. At the same time I feel your pain. But I don't limit my frustration to boarders. If you are a beginner, stay off the blues and blacks. If you possess the skill sets to make your way down like a normal person on the blues and blacks, do it. Don't be some lazy ass sideways scraping, snow plowing butthole. If you are too tired to ski or board down, walk.


Besides if you think you have it rough, try doing both. I find myself getting in fights with myself all the time. Sometimes I will run over my own ski tips with my own board just to be a dick. Then I will hit myself with a ski pole. It is a sad sad thing.

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