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problems with big trucks


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the damn cup holders are a joke. where are ya suposed to put the 64oz insulated cup of diet coke? it is as annoying as them little containers of sauce ya get with mcnuggets.


pansy ass economy car drivers in puny cars. them mutherfukers always seem to be in the way. when i put on the turn signal they better MOVE. NOW.


no real good chainsaw holder. i want something hanging in the rear window.


cliche chrome naked chick with big tits thingys. that shizzle needs an update. i am talking full frontal gyno exam detail. werd.


big tires just aint big enough. and can the tread pattern feature the tracks of endangered woodland creatures? perhaps a steering wheel cover of real lion fur would work too.


built in icechest. no explanation needed.


bumper dumper as standard.

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Well we sell something you might be interested in but you need a CDL to drive it.

Gets alright gas mileage, about 8.0mpg but you can get that towing about 80K. With (2) 150 gallon tanks you can go over 2,400miles between fillups. Suggest you order the optional toilet so all you have to do is pull over into the breakdown lane.

Cup holders can be ordered to heat hot liquids and keep cool ones cold (figures it out on its own).

Anybody hits you with anything smaller then an H1 Hummer will only require minor work on the easily replaceable body panels. Most accidents are a pain, you have to wait for the wrecker truck to come and free things up. Well with this monster you can just drive over the carnage, no need to wait for the tow truck to arrive. Heck you can even make some money towing the wrecks away yourself!

Imagine how big you can make those mud flap images!

Chrome, lets talk chrome. This truck can be customized with enough chrome to be seen from space on a sunny day!

Spray, passing people in bad weather you can blind them temporarily effectively letting them know how annoyed you were following them till a passing lane/opportunity showed up.

Seeing how I get a commission with sales, mention my login name when you call the KW dealer near you.


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I've also found that there needs to be some kind of flush mechanism for getting those little cars out from under the truck after you monster truck over them. Sometimes they get hooked up on a differential or the transfercase and the rattling and screeching of the occupants gets really annoying. One time, I drove all the way home and discovered a Jetta stuck to my back bumper! Well, I unhooked that little guy and away he went!


Same goes for bicyclists stuck in the tire treads. It's just messy. frown.gif

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