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Ignorant Democrats


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lummox said:

RuMR said:

Nobody needs a freakin' assault rifle...

nobody needs your whiny candy ass puke neither. you tryin to take away my constitutional rights? you ever read the second amendment?


'A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.'


it dont say 'cept for assault rifles' now does it? madgo_ron.gif


Somehow I don't see your "whiny snaf.gif ass" being part of a well regulated militia.


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scott_harpell said:

screw that! you could inside this one. i stood in front of this and the bottom is like 1.5 feet taller than me.



awesome! everybody should have one in case the bad guys want to mess with the wife and kids. with good marketing it could become as essential as a can opener.

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Fairweather said:


Actually, so would I. (Mcain, not Ventura.) But do you really think the level of vitriol eminating from the left would be any less if Mcain were the prez? I don't.


I think it would be the same, just like the vitriol coming from the right would be the same if a Dem were prez...it's the wonderful world of partisan politics complete with their own media conglomerates to sell the propaganda on both sides.


Do you really think Mcain would have handled Afghanistan or Iraq any differently? If you took the time to read up on him you would see that he is at least as hawkish as GW. Do you know that he was one of the first to demand ground troops be sent into Kosovo?


Yes, I do. I don't believe he would have let us alienate ourselves from the rest of the world by being an arrogant prick. Being hawkish isn't the same thing as being hawkish, stupid, deceitful, and arrogant. Although the integrity of all politicians is suspect, I'd put more trust in McCain to consider the real intelligence the CIA, NSA, FBI, etc posses rather than patching together a bunch of half-truths to justify something he wants to do regardless of the evidence. And what about Jesse man? Ventura is the only breath of fresh air in a politcal realm that smells like a chickenhouse...I'm not surprised that he got sick of the BS and said screw it,


BTW, when does the sun come up again in Fairbanks? You sound like you need a little sunshine.


FYI, Fairbanks is BELOW the arctic circle, meaning we never get 24 hours of darkness. On Dec 22 here we get about 3:45 daylight, sun kinda skims the horizon. OTOH, the sun set in Barrow last week and won't rise until around March.

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trask said:

My only motive for the post was the irony I saw in the 'assault weapon as a hunting arm' correlation. Laughable


There are people out there that love to collect, admire and shoot military weapons. Why should they be deprived of the experience? And don’t give me the shit head argument that they could join the military…some just can’t. The fully automatic weapons owners pay dearly for the privilege to own those weapons. Not only the cost of the weapon but the cost of each permit and the restriction of where they can shoot the weapons.

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I don't need an assault rifle for hunting, because I don't hunt.

I need one for home defense. Two actually, and a thumper as well.

When the terrorists get smarter than the computer operator that dropped the grid in the NE this summer, and the farmers around here start getting hungry, I want fire superiority from the git go.


Don't think it'll happen?


Swing by and I'll introduce you to my neighbors. They have a plywood tank in the woods behind their house, frequently a driveway full of sheriff cars and a bunch of guys attacking the "tank" wearing BDUs and they just built a two story pole barn with windows upstairs. I've never met them as I don't want to be up on their radar screens, but hey, maybe they'll invite you in for fresh pie.


Does the Brady Act cover beehive rounds?

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