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Question on ski bindings


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Dustin_B said:

Also, the Black Diamond catalog says of the fritschi bindings: "can accommodate any AT or alpine boot meeting ISO Standards 9523 or 5355". What does that mean? I tried searching these standards on the ISO website and other places but can't find squat. Does this just mean any mountain boot with toe and heel welts?




That is what I adressed above:


The Diamar's used to say that they did not recommend using mountaineering boots with them. However, the most recent BD catalogue says that you can now use mountaineering boots with them.


It would appear that they have redesigned/tweaked the newer models to accept mountaineering boots. thumbs_up.gif


At least that is the way I read it...... wave.gif

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hasbeen said:

I read it differently. I believe that the "alpine" refers to alpine ski boots that conform to the quoted DIN standards. It is a little ambiguous, I'll admit.

9523 - Touring Ski Boot Standard,

5355 - Alpine Ski Boot Standard

I'd say neither includes Mountain Climbing Boots.


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