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Newbie TR: Mount Hood via Standard Route


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My turn to chime in.......


In large part the Cascade climbing experience is the suffer fest, and by god we are proud of it. Climbing in the Cascades, whether it is a snow/glacier slog up one of the fat volcanoes or technical rock climbing on a spire usually entails long approaches and big elevation gains. It is what we expect from our climbs and what sets us apart from other regions of the world. It is a shame to lesson the experience using gross mechanical means.


The next time our friend Braumeister visits the PNW I encourage him to 'boot' it up the hill.


To add, lets not encourage any additional use of the Cats on Mt. Hood. They already contribute far too much noise, lighting and exhaust on the mountain.


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I’ve been reading through the comments to my original post and can appreciate both sides of this argument. I don’t take these comments personally (Fejas, I hope you feel the same way) but can understand where some of you are coming from.


Our decision to climb Hood as I described was based upon several issues including but not limited to:


1. Our accomplishments earlier in the week (see my Adams Sloggage TR)

2. The strengths/weaknesses of the individuals in our group

3. Available time

4. Recommendations & route descriptions from local friends who climb there often


Thanks again for your thoughts and comments—they’ve been interesting and helpful.


I look forward to seeing you all in the mountains some day. Happy climbing!






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I don't take much of anything personaly...

I just enjoy the whole experience, even the long sloggs that strech out for miles to get to the base, and then the teatious quad burns of the incline aproch to the ridge lines, and also the final climb up the heart of what makes the mountains, and finaly to the summit... That is what makes the journy whole for me, we just have a different opinion on what it is to climb a mountain, thats all...

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The standard approach to climbing Hood is to walk from Timberline. If you deviate from this standard (by taking the cat or the chairlift), I think you'll have a harder time convincing some people that you actually climbed the mountain, mainly because by the standard defination, you didn't. You rode half-way up the mountain, then climbed the upper part.


but the bottom line is, he was up there while we were at work, so props to him! Good job! (and at least you admitted that you used aid) bigdrink.gif

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My goal in life is to convince people I have climbed Mt. Hood even though I ride the cat when possible! Fejas it is cool you can take shit as well as give it. Hey Figger-eight go climb something! As for working in the office


a. I don't work indoors

b. I don't own a computer

c. I live in a van and climb alot!

d. the only time I am on here is when I am so worked from climbing I have to take a rest day. Not very often but usually after 3 mountains in a row I take a day off. Last Friday Stuart, Sun Hood, Tue W. Ridge of Forbidden. Later this week Sun attempt DNB Bear, then slesse. So when I sit down in front of the computer I am one tired mofo, in search of some library air conditioning. I just feel lucky to be able to live like this! If only I could park my van down by a river somewhere!

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