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What boots for Forbidden, Goode, Torment?

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a snaf.gif will eat your new boots if'n you ain't careful.


i have the old trango plus's i don't think they make any more. the ones i have don't have a lip on the front so you have to use crampons with a toe strap (although they have the welt on the heel so you can use a semi-automatic crampon). i find the lack of the edge on the toe makes them a little squirrely on firm snow sometimes. if i got trangos i would got one of the newer models that has a regular toe lip; i don't think their rock climbing ability would suffer that much. also, you can water proof them but it won't help that much, although i have taken to carrying a pair gore tex socks and switching out with regular wool socks depending on sweat/water factor which works ok. overall a nice light boot and what i mostly use cause it's what i got.

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Kiwi said:

JoshK said:

Cpt.Caveman said:

my bud climbs anything he can in gore tex sneakers. You could get away with that if you have the right crampoons......



Gotta 2nd this one. I've got a pair of montrail something-er-other gore tex tennis shoes which I bought for approach shoes. I eventually found myself using them for more and more shit, including glacier slogs.

Sneakers?!? eek.gif



Yeah, they rule. The hike great on trails and work fine for easy snow when combined with a mini-gatier. they also climb easy 3rd and 4th rock just fine. Granted, I wouldn't go on a 5 day trip with them, but for lots of stuff they work fine.


I got my best looks when I climbed sahale last year in them. it had snowed the night before (didn't look like much from the parking lot), but by the time we got to the glacier I was walking through 4 or 5" of freshies in tennis shoes. The folks going up with plastics, ropes, pickets, huge packs, etc. were pretty confused. cantfocus.gifhahaha.gif

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thelawgoddess said:

sneaker are the shit. cool.gif so lightweit and comfortable. i do hikes in mine all the time! (when i can't wear my flip-flops, that is!)


Check out the latest in Big Wall Flip-Flops from A5. I hear John Middendorf loves 'em. Also available in pink for the ladies.

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joe_retard said:

I apologize, forgot the topic, but what newbie climbs Forbidden, Goode, or Torment?


Me, I guess. Just got back from the first leg. We did Torment, Sharks Fin, and Sahale, and I was in the Vasques the whole time. They were getting damp by day 3, but not uncomfortably so. I'm thinking how cool they would be if you could get them resoled with 5.10 rubber with a vibram tread pattern...Does anyone even do that? We were really blessed by good weather, though, I can see how things would have been not as smooth if we'd had much bad weather to deal with.


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