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[TR] Nak Peak - North side Up, South side Down 02/17/2024

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Trip: Nak Peak - North side Up, South side Down

Trip Date: 02/17/2024

Trip Report:


@geosean and @thedylan and Mike (not sure if he is on here) already had a plan for this past Saturday, but they graciously let me tag along after I sent a flurry of texts trying to find a partner for the hills.    Plan A was the North Couloir on Thar, then traversing up and over Nak to Yak, or maybe skiing the couloir.  But a reactive windslab in the the couloir after digging a pit scuttled that idea right quick.  And so we skittered down and around to the west, eventually booting and skinning up through every type of terrible snow to the Yak/Nak col.  It is a great viewpoint! We had it to ourselves, but the afternoon was getting on and we had some windboard to schralp. 


We didn't relish the thought of going back the way we came and so we picked the devil we didn't know and headed off the south side of the Nak.  The snow wasn't any better but it wasn't much worse either. More importantly, we were "Exploring the Coast Mountains on Skis"!  The snow was, however, a bit thinner on the south side of Nak, and soon everyone but @thedylan had their skis off and was thrashing down to the pipeline road.  Once reaching this welcomed scar on the landscape, we had a bonus 500' of gain to end the day, but at least there was no brush and @thedylan was charged up and breaking trail out front.  I was very pleased to not arrive at the car dead last, despite how worked I was.  In the future with these fit, young bucks, I think I'll leave the dSLR at the car!

Skinning across Falls Lake:


North Couloir on Thar:


@geosean in the North Couloir at about our high point:


uhhhhh, run away?


Plan B!


North side of Yak:


Yes, this is fun:


@thedylan skinning up below Nak:


Why not keep carrying these skis? And where are my sunglasses??:


Needle Peak:


Looking out to Silvertip, Outram, etc.:


Booting up to Nak:


Steinbok, Ibex, Chamois, etc.:


Mike pulling up on the summit:


@thedylan getting ready to have more "fun" "skiing":



Gear Notes:
Standard backcountry ski gear. Axe, helmet, and crampons helpful to get up Nak from the North if snow conditions are thin

Approach Notes:
Falls Lake TH and head up to the lake and past it

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