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[TR] Mount Webb and MacDonald Peak - Standards 08/05/2023


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Trip: Mount Webb and MacDonald Peak - Standards

Trip Date: 08/05/2023

Trip Report:

The Chilliwack is not far from the North Sound.  I once knew this, but sort of forgot it over the years.  Thanks to @geosean, I now know it once again.  We were casting about last week for day trip ideas and he suggested Lindeman.  I countered with Rexford, and we settled on Mount Webb and MacDonald Peak after taking a look at the forecast for afternoon thunderstorm (didn't happen, but oh well).  Both of these peaks are very straightforward Class 2/3 rambles from a good trail and easy to reach trailhead (2wd, paved nearly the entire way).  But make sure you have a good breakfast and get a decently early start- it is around 6k vert and 16 miles to tag both of them (my legs are sore today but @geosean is probably running a 10k to cool down).  The views, however, are quite good, and would be even better without the smoke that sullied our day.   A bonus, for me, was getting a few ideas for new peaks to climb.  I will be back!

Chilliwack Lake near the start of the trail:





Our pal Jim beat us to the summit of MacDonald:


NF of Lindeman from MacDonald:


The one, the only @geosean on top of MacDonald:


NE face of Rexford with Slesse behind:



@geosean on summit of Webb:


Heading down Webb:


Chilliwack Lake again from the bridge over the outlet.  We watch returning adult sockeye (note gillnet in the lake) under the bridge for a bit on the return.  Cool to see!


Gear Notes:
Nothing beyond hiking gear needed after snow melts

Approach Notes:
Radium Lake trail from Chilliwack lake, and then up!
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