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guye peak improbable traverse rockfall


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Much of the large overhang near the junction of the upper ramp of the Improbable Traverse & the variations above Lunch Ledge fell off in late November, 2021. Most of the ramp near this junction is missing & has perched blocks, the roof variation above Lunch Ledge looks like it is now talus, there appear to be scars near the traverse itself, & the entire lower face is covered in loose rocks.

Apologies if you have already been fed this on #outofmyfuckingfacetwitgram.


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don't know what year it is
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9 hours ago, tanstaafl said:

it's a "neglected classic.

I agree, a fun romp! 

I took my dad up it in the 90's because he wanted to do an "alpine climb" to see what all the fuss was about. I think it was the only time I belayed him up anything (we hiked and scrambled together on many trips), and he never asked to go on another "climb".  So, maybe don't ask his opinion of the Guye Ramp route.

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Ha!  Reminds me of the time I was climbing something or other in Boulder Canyon and we passed the party in front of us, who turned out to be Mia Axon and her father, who seemed ~70.  I told him that I wished my dad would climb with me, and he said, "You might not want to have him talk to me right away."

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