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Mt Borah in late Fall?


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Anyone been in there this time of year?    How about this year?  Conditions on the N. Face.  How's the approach gonna be right now?  


Some old school goodness for the day ;)  Not my photo.

North face of Mt Borah - January, 1977 (Photo by Frank Florence)


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Hi Dane!

I am in Boise now and I have been trying to find out the same thing. There is very little information avaliable on alpine climbing in Idaho, especially in the winter. I have been chatting with a guy who has climbed it fall/winter, and aparently avalaches are a big concern, but if conditions are safe then the face should go. If you are looking for a partner hit me up. I am gainfully unemployed and have a flexible schedule.



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Old timer (well, older than you and me anyway) named Fritz who used to post on Supertopo back when it was alive seemed to have details on a lot of Idaho alpine history, with an emphasis on the Sawtooths. I seem to recall him talking about the FWA of the Finger of Fate. 

You're out Eastern Oregon or Western Idaho these days, aren't you Dane?


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The first time I climbed the N face it was November - perfect conditions and no one around. Fall in the Lost Rivers is well worth the trip. Another time was during a dry January = we walked in with only a few inches on the ground (that trip had some interesting moments). I've been back several times and about the only time I would not go is spring. That time is reserved for skiing in the range - which can be quite good. What a nice set of mountains.

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