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On March 22, 2019 Frank Fickeisen passed away at the age of 93.

Frank was President of the Seattle Mountaineers when I was born.

As a climber he was part of the 6th ascent of Mt. Waddington in 1960.  A few years ago I posted a Trip Report that describes the climb


There were no helicopters in those days, so they flew from Campbell River into a small lake south of the mountain.

In addition Frank and friends flew in a ski plane into the St. Elias Range and ascended a few surrounding peaks in 1961


In addition to serving as President of the Mountaineers, Frank was also President of the Federation of Western Outdoor Clubs.

For work Frank was employed by Boeing and worked on planes including the 707, 727, 747, and 767.  In addition he was involved with Boeing's discarded plans to build an SST.

In later times Frank was a major player in Extended Range Operations for Twin Jet planes.  In the old days only 3 or 4 engine planes were allowed to make long flights (typically over oceans).  The work benefitted both Boeing and Airbus https://www.nap.edu/read/6265/chapter/1

After retiring Frank took part in lots of hiking trips with friends and one multi day ski trip in Montana.

He also taught me how to ski and took me on a few mountaineering trips.

Attached photo of Frank on top of Mt. St. Helens in 1967


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