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3 o’clock rock stewards, thank you


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I had a spectacular day up there yesterday. 


Ive been climbing up here for ten years now and really appreciate the bolt replacement and general maintenance that has been happening.


I climbed the Kone yesterday and every bolt was shiny new. Even the majority of bolts on the descent (Gastroblast) look brand-spanking new! Makes me want to finally climb that route.  


My first route in Darrington was Till abroad Daylight with, then, my future wife and it was a memorable moment early in our relationship. I may have not thought it so enjoyable if I had any idea how sketchy the ancient quarter inchers and button heads were! This route has also been upgraded to modern 3/8 stainless steel hardware btw. 


Anyway, just wanted to say thanks and hope one day I will make the time to give back a bit more myself. 

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Great photos.  Thank you for posting.  I'm glad the rebolting on Till Broad Daylight is appreciated, having been part of that effort a few years ago.  The anchor above the Great Arch was thought provoking!

I was up there two days later than you, on Monday.  Amazing to get some warm rock in November.  Cheers!

And many thanks to the Darrington Collaborative for keeping the access nice!

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Thanks for the road and trail repairs
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No conversation on the topic of '3 O Clock Rock stewards' would be complete without mention of Matt Perkins and Mark Hanna! Without the perennial efforts of those two guys, 3 O'Clock might well be like Static Point - a beautiful crag way up a brushed in logging road that gets maybe 10-20 visits per year (if it get's that?).  In which case, hard to bother replacing old hardware.

Worry not, there are and will be many opportunities to participate beyond climbing. Bolt replacement, road work, trail work, new routing - take your pick.  For 25 years I did nothing beyond loving the climbing before stepping up and it's made it so much more satisfying.  Now I wake up at night thinking about new pitches and better approaches

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