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Friends, after being approached by both a guidebook company and an app maker last year, both of whom wanted to recruit local expertise to create a paid guide to Mt Hood's backcountry terrain, I decided that it was in the public interest to make that information available for free. After significant personal investment, a free guide to Mt Hood Backcountry is now available:


Of course there will be griping from some about giving up 'secret' spots or facilitating beginner access to the backcountry, but in this age of GPS and 4G, both of these things are inevitable. I would rather that users discover the backcountry as I did-- using moderately imperfect information from a trusted source as a basis for personal exploration and learning. All of the information that I've provided is available elsewhere, but it's inconvenient, poorly written, or hard to find. By compiling this guide, I'm hoping to follow in the tradition of similar websites, like Run the Volcanoes (RIP), that serve as a touchstone for those entering this sport and the Mt Hood Backcountry with fresh eyes.


The Map: Based on Caltopo and marked with common routes, features, and roads, so you can change layers, zoom, pan, print, and apply slope gradient maps.

-The Short Guide: A primer to the peculiarities of skiing in the Hood.

-Weather/Forecast Links: Easy access to NOAA, NWAC, and more.

-Backcountry Ski RoutesA detailed guide to common Mt Hood backcountry routes with photos, printable maps, and notes from personal experience. 

Please share this guide with friends, email me through the Contact link if you have corrections/contributions, and get out there to enjoy the 2017-18 season, which is already off to a good start.

-Patrick Fink

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13 hours ago, AlpineK said:

Never skied outside of ski areas on Hood. 

If you've never skied in the backcountry before, than be sure to learn about managing avalanche danger by taking a Level 1 avalanche course and making sure that you have appropriate gear.

If you've already done that and were just wondering about Hood, then I can assure you, the best skiing on Hood is not in those sorry ski resorts.

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