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Question: East gully route on Argonaut


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Has anyone climbed the east gully route on Argonaut? Many reports of rappelling into the gully but I can't find any reports of climbing out of the gully to the northeast facing upper snowfield. Here's what Summit Post says:


"East Gully - A prominent 45 to 50 degree snow gully accessed from the basin just southeast of the ridgeline connecting Colchuck and Argonaut. A single dihedral pitch offers access to the summit ridge. Best in early season. II 5.6"


We're interested in a ski approach from Colchuck Col and the East Gully seems like the most logical route fro this direction. Seems odd that there are no reports of this route...

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I've climbed it a couple of times, but not with as much snow on it as there's likely to this year. I'd be prepared for a mixed pitch more than a pure rock pitch. It protects well, and I've always climbed it in alpine boots (not with crampons, though...) you're probably ok in your a/t boots...


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