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Royal Columns Closed due to collaspe of column

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Nothing new to add that the WDFW release doesn't already say, but mebbe if Larry would come down out of the orchard and drive around the corner, he could tell us which route(s) fell down...


Larry Nevers..??? Nevers??? Nevers??? Nevers??? (in Ferris Bueller's econ teacher's accent...)

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Sobo & G2G .. thanks for the update, exactly the sort of feedback I was hoping for.


I always chuckled at the name for PoC .. my recollection is a little friendly rivalry between Kerns and Fritz to see who got it first. I guess if something had to go, at least it was a couple of the shorter bolted routes. I'm wondering if it was the entire column or only the portion above the small roof on SM?


Obviously this will turn Couch Potato and Entrance Exam into entirely different routes, and I imagine over time will most likely lead to a couple new ones.


On a sad note ... fellow Yakimaniac Sam Alder pasted away last week. Sam and I spent hundreds of hours at the Columns back in the early 80's before moving on to bigger and better things in the Alpine. Cragg should remember him.

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It was the entire column. Here's a photo of the aftermath. Route destruction is evident in center frame. You can still see the big slab/boulder that is the belay spot below Thriller Pillar, where a large portion of the debris hit.

Photo is courtesy of Larry Nevers Jr. (apeman).


I smell a new crack FA (or a serious stem :o ) behind the fallen column in about three weeks when WDFW opens the area back up again. Who's gonna nab it...??? "Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines..." :)



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