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Splitboard touring pack?


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What are you guys using? I am hoping to in something that I can use for an over-nighter and day tripping. Whats your preferred carry method? I have never had a dedicated board pack before, so not sure what features are important, but I can see the value in having a separate compartmetn for avy gear (ease of access and your puffy stays dry!)

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I used a simple dana designs thing that allowed the snowboard to be strapped on vertically. nothing special, too heavy and with all the suspension still flopped around on my back. not a good pack to use and luckilly is not made anymore.


I would suggest a BCA float pack with airbags though. yes it is expensive but safety first!



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I imagine you would want to put the board back together and on your pack when booting the final pitches of your objective? That's common. There are a few good packs out there but the ones I call 'good' are designed for A-frame ski carry.

A pack for day tours? 30+ Liters. 45+ for multi day.

I'm in the market myself and am considering this 30 Cilo Gear pack.



Airbags could help ya out, But better to learn how to avoid slides all together. Plus the weight.. Knowledge and experience can help you more than a saftey cushion.


Not sure of what bags might be best for intact-non spilt board carry.


I also use an avalung on some tours. Sometimes i'll bite down on the avalung when ski cutting something that has the potential to crack off big. With that, I'd recommend learning how effectively ski cut on small isolated features when the snowpack is unstable. If you don't already know how... disclaimer: small features can also kill you or cause trauma!

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Have 3 packs, all can carry both A-frame and vertical when solid.


Deuter Freeride Pro 30, Deuter Glide 35+, and Deuter Guide 45+. The Guide is an older model, I'm not sure the new design allows for vertical carry. But looks like the Deuter Rise series are analogous to my older Guide and Glide packs.


At some point I'll pull the trigger on a Deuter On Top Tour airbag pack.

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I have a cilo 40b worksac, but I am not very impressed with it. i am of moderate build ( 5'11, 195#'s) and i find it rather uncomfortable to carry heavy loads. i have a hard time getting to the load to ride comfortably on my his, it always feel like it is trying to pull me back. The shoulder straps are a little narrow as well, and there is no improvement when i have the load straps cinched all the way down, or when using the internal compression strap.


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