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  1. I passed through the Tieton area last week. The burned area was fairly limited and was in the area between The Royal Columns and The Bend. I doubt that it will affect the climbing area. Also, I always thought that, for steel, when it's temper is lost, it becomes soft (and weak) rather than brittle. At any rate, there should not be a problem in this case. Griff
  2. I'm looking for a physical therepist south of Tacoma (south of Olympia would be even better) who is a climber or understands the special needs of climbers. Any suggestions?
  3. I've have a couple versions of Sierra Designs convertible tents and really like them. I have a Lookout and an Alpha (or Omega, whichever is the 3-man version). They are a tad heavy, but not as heavy and expensive as a full-on 4-season tent. My Alpha (or Omega) held up really well during a good wind storm (should that be "bad wind storm"?) at Muir last summer. The Lookout survived a good (or bad) rain in the Goat Rocks a few years ago. Personally, I like the 3-man tents for the space. Although I have smaller tents for going light, I tend to carry the heavier tents most of the time.
  4. Thank you all for your help and encouragement. It is obviously a big loss for me, but I believe God has been very gracious to me. If you all knew what happened with the accident, you would be amazed that the only real injury I received was massive trauma to my lower leg. When I think of what could have happened (brain injury is a big one), I cannot feel sorry for myself. I am looking forward to the future and how I am going to overcome this loss. Keep the ideas coming! Griff [ 03-26-2002: Message edited by: Griff ]
  5. I'm going to be out of climbing for a while. I recently lost my lower left leg due to an accident. It was amputated through the knee, so I have my femur, but nothing below that. Of course, this is not something I investigated before a month ago, but now I'm wondering if anyone knows of any climbers who have a prosthetic leg. I have heard of a few, but most have their knees. Since I will have an artificial knee, that is a big difference. Any help would be appreciated. In the meantime, have a stout for me ; the meds I'm on won't let me. They don't even make me feel good they just...
  6. I've got an old picture from the 1800's of a group of women in long dresses on the Mer de Glace with alpenstocks. It is on the wall next to my grandmother's old alpenstock and wooden pack frame (climing in my family goes back a few generations), plus some old pins from my dad and his wood and rawhide snowshoes.
  7. Campmor.com has a product called "Lady J" for $6.99.
  8. Barrabes carries the Camp hexes and I think REI Outlet still has a few BD hexes...
  9. It's up and running! Gotta check out the fridge art. www.tamiknight.com
  10. Gotta mention H.W. (Bill) Tilman. He was a great writer, tells a good story and a good joke (often at his own expense) and, of course, packed more adventure into his life than most of us could hope for. [This message has been edited by Griff (edited 10-19-2001).]
  11. I tried to put in the link, but goofed it up. Anyway, this was talked about back in Nov. 2000 on the Climber's Board on this site... [This message has been edited by Griff (edited 10-15-2001).]
  12. There is no law that states that law enforcement officers have to identify themselves. Most agencies have rules about being polite and that involves identifying yourself in certain situations, but often it is the form of the name on the bottom of the ticket... Demanding a name can lead to trouble, especially if someone seems to be trying to "change the subject" by demanding a name and badge number or a third person is trying to interrupt to ask for the name. Usually the best way to lessen the trouble is to go way out of your way to be polite and pretend that the officer is right in every opinion. Pay attention to the name on the nametag, then file a complaint later. Without the name, usually knowing the date, time and location will narrow it down for the supervisors. Many agencies are required to follow up on complaints and, even if nothing happens with one particular complaint, they build up until action is taken.
  13. My neighbor growing up was Ome Daiber (1st ascent Liberty Ridge, invented Sno-Seal, involved with starting SAR in Seattle, helped build Camp Sherman, pioneered the Ptarmigan Traverse, etc., etc. [check The Challenge of Rainier]). My other neighbor was Will Thompson (one of the original Ptarmigan Club members [Ptarmigan Traverse], several 1st ascents with Beckey [check Challenge of the North Cascades], etc.).
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