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    J O B

    Over a year later I find myself once again posting on cc.com after the russian invasion evicted me from my work in the caucasus, only this time i am posting from home, not from my old work cubicle. I am unemployed, and discouraged by the job search, I am turning to the NW climbing community for help. Do any of you have any ideas or leads that could help me out? I am in portland right now, but a move wouldn't be totally out of the question. Gear shops, gyms, anything that would support my return to climbing after a painful absence would be great for me. (This also means i am pretty darn free to partner with anyone at odd times, until i do get a job, as long as you can accept some shoddy footwork while i get back into shape ) I am 25, youth and community development are my longterm goals, customer service experience, outdoor leadership training, a bunch of stuff, i can send out resumes. I know this is a weird post, but i am super tired of craigslist and thought this would be a good way to get better tied in to climbing around here. thanks for your ideas and help, Erik
  2. anyone need to partner up out of portland? i just got back and can avoid a job for about 2 months, so anything is game. i have a car, but need help with gas money, maybe i should just get a job...
  3. get well and be glad you aren't at kcmc- killimanjaro christian medical center hospital where i take the kids each week in moshi. sure swedish doesn't have interweb, but hopefully they have potable water.
  4. oh man, i quit my desk job, i am in africa, and i am really missing this site, and spraying as best a noobie can. sorry to ken4ord, i was going to try and see him in rawanda, but it takes forever to get there by bus, not going to work out. point of this thread is, i am going to the republic of georgia for the peace corps in june, so like many other posts i am looking for info or people or places to get some beta too, everything is helpful for sure. don't know about rockclimbing, but i am sure hiking etc will abound, so that is why i post to the generous and thoughtful minds of cc.com. sidenote: i get back to portland in early april, and leave in june, so i think i can avoid getting another job, if anyone is looking to do some trips or mid week climbing and needs a partner, all is well, think i will have some extra time. thanks. and if you try to spray, give me time to respond, i only check email about once a week. have a good tuesday.
  5. enelson

    Who took it?

    damn this is funny, i miss this. i left my job which was perfect for cc.com to come to africa, where i currently owe about 3 dollars for slow ass internet. damn i want a pizza, even with 7 slices better than goat bbq.
  6. i want to see someone open a budweiser with their crampon while ice climbing
  7. enelson

    Pop Psychology

    i thought it was going to be a thread about the psychology behind drinking soda? seems pretty addicting...
  8. I THINK, if I WERE a sailor, I MIGHT be inclined to be worried about THE POSSIBILITY that this man MIGHT be getting into trouble and MAYBE as a fellow sailor I COULD have a pretty good opinion of what POTENTIALLY is going to happen or the proper response from my FICTIONALLY close sailing family.
  9. yeah, that video was pretty funny, until the closeups of his cock while my coworker walked by, hmmn... good thing tuesday is my last day or i might have to explain myself.
  10. does that move the climbing difficulty up on a route, when it has poo on the holds? "oh man i just did this v6!" "sweet dude, but i pulled the v4 route with shitty holds!" "gnarly!" "yeah bro, totally harder."
  11. or rather a general hello kitty appreciation thread...
  12. Yah...OK Hell maybe you guys can join Dru and enelson, save on costs you know. one day...
  13. enelson

    You're On Notice!

    giving seahawk shit is too easy, that is why i stopped after that hood thread. just like i am going to now. don't make fun of gays. and no, i am not gay, just don't.
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