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  1. I have a room for rent starting July 1st. Details below. Room for rent
  2. I have a pair of Cobra radios .Their fairly light, small, good range and the batteries last a long time.
  3. I took a 50+ foot fall and my belayer ran backwards about 20 feet into the woods. Once the rope caught, my belayer was pulled back to the rock and up it 10 feet. I was still 40 feet of the ground but it would have been close if it wasn't for his "reeling".
  4. I can remember a time when I lived in Montana a couple of hours from the border. My friend and I just turned 19 so we thought we would go up to Canada for a little "legal" drinking trip. Somehow I ended up driving a few miles on the wrong side of the one way road. I pulled up to the small border crossing not realizing what happened. I looked through the passenger side window to have the US and Canadan guards asked me what the hell I thought I was doing. I replied, "going to Canada". "Not this way your not", they replied. They made me drive back and come through the right way but to my suprise, they just let us through without any questions. Man did we get wasted.
  5. I was belaying my partner up a route when our "friend" rolled up and began throwing his gear in the dirt and kicking it around. He was all mad that we had left him behind at the last route and he didn't know where we were going. He continued to like a little girl and then started to throw pretzels at my partner as he climbed. My partner snaped and had me lower him while he told our "friend" to "get ready man". He untied, took his climbing shoes off, slipped his other shoes on and started swinging. The fight lasted about 10 minutes and now one really won. What a waste of climbing energy.
  6. Someone pointed out to me how the reverso wears to a knife blade edge. I looked mine over and it is getting pretty sharp. I checked my friends out and you could cut a tomoto with its edge. It does work great as an autoblocker though.
  7. My friend Dr. Joe will be up there for a few weeks. He's by himself so if anyone needs a partner look for a black A4 Audi.
  8. I haven't been to Frenchs for a year or so. I'll lead 11 but i'm down to project on harder. I've haven't been to carver so that would be fun too. Check your PM's.
  9. Beacon would be great but I just spent 4 full days jamming at Smith. I need a few more days to let the top of my hands heal up. I was thinking about pulling on some jugs or crimps.
  10. I was thinking Frenchs dome or Broughton but i'm up for anything.
  11. Anyone want to climb on Thursday around Portland?
  12. I'm headed to Smith on Thursday Morning at 7:30am if anyone needs a ride there.
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