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  1. Stuart- Ulrichs couloir -- TR

    Just the right amount of beta! None....
  2. Girl Repellent

    yada..yada...I have my own slacking objectives and if I want to lay around at the Ritz so what? Do I miss my girlfriend when she is gone for weeks modelling in the BAHAMAS, For sure I do. But it's a great time to spend my millions lounging around at the country club. If she wants to live in Berne Switzerland and be cool then fine...I will come over every three weeks and associate with her to be cool too...nothing beats it when she comes home all tan and clean and smelling like vanilla cause it's pretty sexy...our shared coolness factor makes everything so worthwhile...
  3. TR hardcore

    I didn't want Marek to think I was slacking. I pushed my bike up the road to the top of Teneriffe and rode it down. It was hard, but I am hard. Would have bought GU, but forgot. Next time. Did it car to car too. Then I bouldered at marymoore this morning and it was hard because I didn't cut my fingernails for days. If you can climb to that chalkboard sound for over 2 minutes you are hard. I am afraid of the big hill, but I will make it there some day when I am better and not so suck. Thanks.
  4. K-2 Attempt

    The Tooth is a classic alpine climb with good position and classic moves replete with good protection points and anchors. A true classic deserving of it's reputation.
  5. TR hardcore

    GregW, Damn--busted! It's true...I only pushed my bike to the 3000ft level...I am so suck!
  6. TR hardcore

    I failed wand class at the mountaineers lodge, but I thought about my compass a few times so I was cool there. My camera was lost, but I'll repeat the route someday to prove I did it!!
  7. A tribute to Peter Puget

    I've been slammed on this site about 50 times using my real name. That hasn't changed too much since I quit using spray avatars. When I run into people in the really real world they don't have much shit to talk.
  8. improvisation of gear

    quote: Originally posted by Dru: Rayborbon found out sock also doubles as toilet paper or so i hear. personally i prefer to use snow or a large broad leaf...
  9. The origination of "trad" vs. "sport" climbers

    Camazonia-if you worked as much as you climb you'd be able to afford a haircut.
  10. Barrabes restrictions

    you have to add the canonical or it redirects to an ISP. http://www.jumarnet.com/
  11. NF of MT Buckner

    Sorry to make it sound overly-hyped I figured it would be eventually anyway. I sponsor myself
  12. NF of MT Buckner

    quote: Originally posted by AlpineK: I thought that guy who posted here in February got the first descent. Yeah the first "Online Descent"
  13. adams ski next weekend?

    We know you swing. keep it to yourself
  14. Adams glacier condition?

    Email benmantele@yahoo.com for first hand beta. He did not climb it but reported that surprisingly it was wide open despite the good snowpack from this past winter.
  15. Anyone know where I can find.............

    Forest Murphy who posts here sometimes has climbed there. I think his screen name is Forestm or forest_m...????
  16. Good reading

    http://toprope.com/hallucinations/dirtbagging/dirtbag.htm http://toprope.com/hallucinations/matterfat/matter.html
  17. Hard Core TR

    Last night I summited Mt Si via the exposed and dangerous haystack route. I wanted to share some of my revelations along the way so everyone would know I kick ass. And I wanted to promote GU (although I didn't have any). I got an alpiney start at about 630 PM. I took off at a near run until about the first switchback where my back started hurting. A fat girl was behind me though and there was no way I was going to let her pass me so I walked pretty fast until I stopped to drink some water. Arriving at the top I skirted some gapers (GUFFAW!) with big packs and made my way for the *technical* climbing. My Hurricane GTX's soaked up all the water around making it increasingly dangerous as I caught sight of the entrance gulley. Looked steep and wicked hard, but I had to do it for Marcel! I began climbing sometimes using my hands, but I made sure that I ALWAYS had two points of contact. I saw the wicked route that Mike Stanton and Ray Borbon sent and thanked god I wasn't on that imposing buttress with the big tree sticking out. I pulled over the top on some tenuous stair climbing like bucket jug rhino holds and arrived on the grass benches. "This must be JUST like Jberg I thought to myself". I pulled over the shoulder and nearly fell as the 2 MPH gusting wind nailed me head on. I stared down deeply into the lights of North Bend and wondered if anyone could see me? I licked my already sweaty palm (the exposure was enormous!) and slicked back my hair just in case. I took stock of all the beautiful clearcutted wilderness and noted several forest service roads I planned on cranking up & down on my ski touring gear next season. I was a bit worried about the descent. I wasn't sure I could reverse my moves so I decided to move down the ridge a bit. A moved down the ridge a bit. It was hairy to say the least but I don't want to pound my chest here. Suffice to say I was gripped stupid! Finally arriving at the alpine benches I traversed back to the saddle between Si and Teneriffe. I had to keep going I knew but I was exhausted and my nalgene (PLUG! ) was empty. The frigid wind nailed me but I kept pressing on and soon found myself at the top of some knob called Teneriffe. It was now 930 and I knew I was in trouble! With all the costly rescues lately I felt that my safety was in my own hands and I had to assume responsibilty for my actions. The best plan I decided was to bushwack straight downhill. This provided much entertainment as the Tika (PLUG ) spread it's soft ambience in like a 2 ft circle around my feet. Tarzan would have been proud! I skirted the edge of civilization and avoided dogs once in the valley bottom. I walked back to the Si trailhead and found the crux of the route was not getting nailed on the Mt Si road by angry drivers. Home at 1139. I was king of the hill for a day. Proudly! Ma
  18. Hard Core TR

    CB, There are also some more attainable climbs to be had from the parking lot at mile 17 in the middle fork. Cross the river and head up the trail for a bit. The rock is obvious and similar to the types of climbs found at 32/38 and the far side. I tried that thing (Garfield) twice in the winter and I won't be back until summer that's for sure.
  19. Glacier Peak

    We have pictures of it but I think they are on my computer in Atlanta. There are enough dogs and gapers standing around in the picture to launch the Titanic.
  20. Hard Core TR

    That route is called the Si Pillar and goes at Grade IV 5.10+ by Andy Dappen and Martin Volken. Volken was encouraged to not report the climb and encouraged never to return again by DNR. He (Volken) cleaned all the rappel points, but there is a topo for the route at ProSki in North Bend. There is still a bunch of independent lines on Garfield South Face (possibly 18 pitches or more) and the west face of Russian Butte may still be untried.
  21. Good reading

    You're welcome sir! Now I am going to go to EXIT 38 and really crank hard cause I'm all that!
  22. Success Glacier Couloirs

    Ask either Gator or Halling. I know Halling has a picture of Kellog descending that route on his wall. It looked like he was about to go into full arrest mode too -- so have fun!
  23. Yak Peak

    The Tooth is an enjoyable alpine climb with perfect position located deep in the heart of the Cascade wilderness.
  24. turn the lights down low and bolt the door up future is coming future rising up whoa shotgun blast a demon piece of lead with both eyes open i wait up for the kill feel the evil feel the heat as i blast you open death comes ripping and it's going death comes ripping you feel the heat as death comes ripping rip your back out and death comes ripping out flesh and blood too weak for you turning it over a little too late to penetrate death comes ripping and it's going death comes ripping you feel the heat as death comes ripping rip your back out death comes ripping and it's going, death comes ripping you feel the heat as death comes ripping rip your back out death comes ripping and i know that death comes ripping out whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa The Misfits
  25. The Tooth is a fine alpine climb of character deserving of it's reputation.