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  1. Watusi Rodeo/Colonial

    Hey guys, I tried to think of something cool to say in congratulations, but the only thing that comes to mind is....fuckin A! Sweet!
  2. Avy, seven buried, one dead

    I noticed Jens mentioned terrain anchoring which is one of the factors considered when evaluating a slope. I wanted to make a note I've observed this winter about that. On the poorly bonded initial crust I've seen several releases all the way to the ground despite terrain anchoring. Several on Rainier and one on the wide open talus slopes to the east of Kent Peak and Mclellan's Butte. The one I triggered was a wind packed layer of snow approximately 1 to 2 inches deep that collected speed and more snow for 500 feet. I'm not certain that it would have done any damage to anyone below, but it was really disconcerting to see such a widely dispersed small layer of snow cut loose like that when I could see rocks sticking out all over the place.
  3. Empty Park TR

    Gumby trad climbers Ray Borbon and I knocked off more multi pitch feeding frenzies than that on several occassions at Smith Rock bolt boy. Our inspiration? Bachar and Long's Half Dome Day as told by John Long. Score one for the Washington Trad Klan.
  4. Overdue skiers

    No doubt. James is a good guy. I am willing to devote time to helping search and rescue if neccessary. I hope not though.
  5. Alpenthal Ski conditions

    If you like a mellow self propelled ski up in that general area then check out Inspiration over at Silver Fir. They are grooming that one run and then allowing fresh snow to settle. Makes for good turns in a so-so year. Lisa, Shasta, Hana and I had a great time and never saw a soul.
  6. Chicago TR

    It could be worse. You could be stuck in Louisiana or someplace like that. At least you can try to climb a skyscraper or something...
  7. More Gun Stuff

    I thought the bullet scar finger pocket was a .10c. Did it get harder or something?
  8. Alp 1

    The climb known as alpental 1 formed briefly and thinly except for the curtain of the upper section which may have been climbable, but not solo by myself. If I had to characterize the ice that did exist I would call it WI2 M0/M1.
  9. Scarpa Frenney - How they rate???

    Freney's weren't designed for approaches. They were designed with pure climbing in mind. In the alps with short approaches they are great. In the Cascades they are a nightmare. I've had a pair for 2 years.
  10. Snoqualmie pass mountains???

    I skied/investigated in the pass areas this morning and afternoon. The base layer is about 8-12 inches (aspect and valley dependent) and there is already a significant rain crust that developed over 4000ft making for some really shitty conditions. The new snow falling right now will probably make conditions 100% better by morning though.
  11. to all of the anti axis of evil sooth sayers

    I agree Sisu. Why bother. My response was to sign a Title 10 contract yesterday to be federalized back into FT service.
  12. Alp 1

    What's in for *you* would be something you could lay flat on the ice when you get tired (got photo proof too) TLG so CALM YO ASS DOWN!@
  13. to all of the anti axis of evil sooth sayers

    We're projecting our stated interest in the region by preventing the intrusion of weapons into an area that may be used against soldiers, marines or airmen (American and our Allies) and you are saying you may have an issue with us doing that? Or that politically we are chestbeating? I just call it smart intelligence and correct military action. Get out from behind the PC dude.
  14. Jeff Hoff

    Does anyone know Jeff Hoff or his girlfriend Lisa that works at the Vertical World? I would like to contact him to get copies of some photographs we took during the WTO. Please PM me here or contact me at info@alpinelite.com.
  15. Xtreme Ops

    I'm kind of disappointed that no one's thought to bag on the movie Extreme Ops. It's obviously so shit bag no one took the time to notice. Good for you! http://www.biglines.com/stories/xtremeopps.php3
  16. A Gift for the Caveman

    In some cultures (like the biker culture) it's considered cool to offer your woman to the homies, but in your case Dave I think you should keep her to yourself.
  17. paranoid yet?

    No, I think most people, even right wing oriented persons decry the outright usurption of their basic freedoms. However, I would think that the right to live is the most fundamental of our liberties. If providing some non incriminating information to a government entity guarantees that right then I for one am fine with it. Most of the information is freely available anyway and no one freaks out when a creditor delves into their background. It's the same thing in essense.
  18. paranoid yet?

    I'd say the bottom line is that if you're not up to anything then you don't have anything to worry about. Being that you're all good Americans, and I believe that if bad turned to worse we would all hold together, then we have nothing to sweat. If you are on the other hand up to something...well...it sucks to be you bullet catcher.
  19. Garfield

    I recently was told about a new 24 pitch bolted route on the west tower reputed to be in the low .10's. The engineer was LW. Does anyone have information about this route?
  20. Rockies

  21. The smell of diesel really made those climbs special for me... <<<<SNIFFLE>>>>
  22. Rogers Pass

    I looked for it after the two boot packers mentioned something about. The mountain was armor yesterday. Would have been good climbing conditions. From the marks in the snow it appeared that the mountain was mushy the day previous?
  23. Rogers Pass

    quote: Originally posted by Skisports: after skiing boiler plate ice this weeekend and losing a ski it is not my type of ski year. I think I am going to have to head more contiental. Were you the guy that lost the dynastar?
  24. Muir snow report?

    Monday 11/25 hard freeze turned the mountain into a solid sheet of ice. Turns were treacherous at best...
  25. Where's the outrage???????

    No, I'm not *stirring the pot for my amusement*.