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  1. A total shot in the dark, but I have lost my Suunto Core Lava Red watch. I was on a week long climbing trip from WA Pass to Mazama to Leavenworth to Vantage a few weeks ago. When I returned it was missing. The last I remember wearing it was on Poster Peak. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. -Joshua jstern77@gmail.com
  2. I dropped a BD #2 C4 while climbing the third pitch of "The Girl Next Door." It most likely fell on top of the chockstone. Would love to get it back. Name your beer. jstern77@gmail.com Thank you! -Joshua
  3. I was up at Index and climbed Aries and then rapped GNS and realized that a #0.4 BD C4 cam was missing from my rack. I don't know where it was left. I climbed up GNS to check the rappel stations, but was not able to find it. I live in Seattle and have beers. Thanks. joshua jstern77@gmail.com
  4. I was up there today. The road is gated at mp 21, ~2600 feet. Is the road every gated at the actual Boston Basin Trailhead? Anyway, still able to ski to the arm on continuous snow, however the snow made for some interesting skinning. The snow kept on sliding under your feet in no fall zones which kept you on your toes.
  5. Is there continuous snow from the Cascade Pass Trailhead up Sahale Arm?
  6. Does anyone know if of any Seattle ski shops that will mount binding freedom plates and install inserts?
  7. I am pleased to announce my Gallery Showing at Conor Byrne in Historic Ballard. I will have 17 Fine Art Glicee Prints on display as well as for sale from May 9th - June 12th. Please join me for the Opening Reception Saturday May 9th, during Ballard Art Walk. More information as well as all of my available images can be found on my website, http://joshuasternphotography.com 5140 Ballard Ave. NW Saturday May 9, 2009 6:00pm - 9:00pm
  8. Chester, I met you in the parking lot yesterday and I headed up the east ridge. No ice axe is needed, although I used two pieces of choss to help just in case. -Joshua
  9. Does anyone have anything to say about this pack? I was wondering about where to carry a ground pad. There are the middle straps on the back of the pack, but then they would cover your axe/tools. Thanks.
  10. Hi, I am curious if anyone is heading over to leavenworth this weekend, either friday night or saturday early morning. If so, and would like someone to share a ride, split gas, climb, etc...let me know. -Joshua
  11. Belayer: Extremely patient and ATTRACTIVE.
  12. Always looking for indoor climbing partners this time of year.
  13. The climbing gym at UW is closing this week for the holidays and was wondering if anyone would be into climbing at stone gardens during the month of December. I work for the university, so would prefer after 5pm. -Joshua
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