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  1. I'm not to familiar with Montane as a brand but I've used a Patagonia R1 hoody with a Rab Boreas pullover on top. It seems like it has similar functionality to what you're talking about. When I'm backcountry skiing I run a bit warm with the R1 so if it's above 25 I use some other base layer. I dunno if that helps or not.
  2. I'm thinking there is a glitch in the matrix. I think this is the actual TR with pics that was accidentally triple posted.
  3. Current Conditions

    The valley floor is snow free and snowline is at least 2-3K above the valley floor in Winthrop. I bet there would be decent afternoon climbing on solar aspects, but it's been damn cold the past few mornings.
  4. I've got a lightly used BD Eldorado tent and vestibule for sale. This has only been used on snow or soft vegetation and is in great shape. The only damage to the tent is a 1/16th" wide hole that came from the factory that way. I sealed it with clear Tear-Aid tape and have never had a problem. I will get some real photos up tonight but here are the links to the Backcountry copy. Tent is located in Winthrop, WA and I'd be happy to split shipping if it needs to be mailed. I used to post on CC.com as JBo6 a lot more, but could not recover my password so created a new account. I'm pretty active on TGR as well if "references" are needed. https://www.backcountry.com/black-diamond-eldorado-tent-2-person-4-season?s=a https://www.backcountry.com/black-diamond-eldorado-tent-vestibule?s=a
  5. lost Lost BD Distance Z trekking poles

    I'm headed over the Pass tonight, I'll take a look for them. Where did you leave them and what color are they?