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  1. Great pics, thanks for the TR. It sounds like you climbed the N face of Buckner and descended SW? How were the conditions for skiing on the N face while you were climbing?
  2. Leutholds was in good shape, easy climb and manageable ski. Great pics of us on the Queen’s Chair, thanks!
  3. My wife and I signed up a year ago for a 6 night guided/catered trip to Sol Mountain Lodge (in the Monashees) from March 9-15. Unfortunately she has to cancel the trip. The trip is prepaid - I am still going, but am hoping to transfer her slot so I don't lose the full cost. This will be the third year I'm staying at Sol Mountain. Why do I keep going back? This place rules. The snowpack in the Monashees is super reliable (they are currently close to a 3m snowpack depth) and the variety of terrain outside of the lodge is incredible - easy to get to steep trees, pillow lines, and into the alpine. You can get in as much or as little skiing as you want here... short half days and back for lunch, or come home with the headlamp on. Easy access means you ski on arrival and departure days. The lodge is more like a hotel with wifi, showers, toilets, etc. I've attached some pictures of the terrain - all of the pics were taken in the past week from a guy I know who is there! Awesome conditions! Trip details:www.solmountain.com- March 9-15, 2019- Staging out of Revelstoke, heli to the lodge from there- What I paid: $2,350 CAD (about $1,772 USD)- Your cost: $1,400 USD OBO 0b988800072b249a94518cea8e9192cd.webp 9a54d63ac73e3f80eaeb0ec4d7dc42c6.webp 0b988800072b249a94518cea8e9192cd.webp
  4. 5/25 Partner needed for Mt Hood Southside Ski Tour

    I might be into this, but not sure of my schedule in the latter half of next week. Just sent you a message.
  5. Partner for Adams SW Chutes or Hood Wyeast - 5/20-5/25

    Awesome, just sent you a text (found your number in another post)
  6. Hi all, I'm new to posting on the forum, but have been following for a little while. I'm in the Hood River area from 5/19-5/26 and was hoping to do some skiing/day trips within a few hours drive. SW Chutes on Adams or the Wyeast Face on Hood both seem like good options. Give me a shout if you are interested and we can discuss more details! Hopefully the weather clears up before next week - looks like there is some snow moving in around Adams, and some mixed precip on Hood.
  7. Mt Adams approach this spring

    Awesome work! What time did you get started? You said you made it to the summit at 2:30PM? I'm in the Hood River area next week, and am hoping to ski the same route. Looking for a partner... is anybody interested?