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  1. Guiding in the PNW

    Hi there folks, I am going to start my own little Owner/Operator Climbing Guide Service during the summer weekends in the PNW. I am in the planning phase, this is about 1-2 years out. Obviously I will want to get licensed and insured, and I will want to educate myself on the permit process. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I would like to start doing some research in regards to jurisdictional requirements so I can determine what my next steps are going to be.
  2. Howdy, Anyone interested? I am thinking we get to the wall early to avoid a crowd. I am cool with a party of two or three... If we do a party of three I have a new set of twins ropes, and I could lead the whole thing to save time, however I am open anything... Email or PM me, david@dbros.com, Yarrrr! - Dave D
  3. Mt. Stuart Partner Needed 9/1-9/4 (Labor Day 2017)

    I'm in!!! Let me know if you Still need a partner
  4. Alaska or South America

    hi, I'm lookin to do alaska's or south america's big mountain. SA in DEC or AK in may, LET ME KNOW!!! should be tonns of fun, we can do some other climbs first to get tuned up. I'd like to ge a team of 5. Thanks!
  5. Leavenworth 5-13 and 5-14

    Looking to get a few people to do some moderate climbing. Multi pitch is ok. I am just shaking out the cobwebs after taking some time off, so just looking to do some fun stuff, 5.6 - 5.8 trad like Midway at castle rock, and some other classics. Send me an email if you are interested dave5.19e@live.com
  6. Going out smith if you want to go
  7. Going out smith if you want to go
  8. partner sat/sun (11/21-22)

    Going out smith if you want to go
  9. Looking to head up Dragontail or Prusik Peak the weekend of the 19th. Rout options: Prusik: West Ridge, Burger Stanly, or Beckey Davis Dragontail: Serp Arete, Backbone Ridge If you want to do something harder, I can follow. If you have other ideas, or objectives, let me know.
  10. Finding Partners

    I'll climb with ya. Im lookin to get after it this weekend, its a three day! Mt Olympus or Prusik?
  11. I can do rainier this weekend. if you know how to haul me out of a crevasse then we are good. Emmonds or the willis wall, up to you.
  12. Labor Day weekend?

    Glaciated mountain walk up, prusik peak, or something similar. I'm just looking to log some mileage this weekend, Let me know what you think.
  13. Baker CD or something like it next week?

    Yep, I'm down for this weekend - it's a three day for me. I've got a WFR + crevass rescue + 2 avy beacons. Let me know!
  14. Shuksan - 9/3

    I can do it this coming weekend, but not Thursday...
  15. If you're that much of a dick in real life, I'd leave you in the middle of a climb. Hope you like soloing. Lol