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  1. I'm free 6/21-24 and would like to climb little tahoma. would like to climb in two days
  2. Are you guys still working on the TR updates? It was nice that I could look up all TRs by a user on their profile, can't really do that now unless I sift through all their non-TR posts which isn't really practical.
  3. Ive never done the full enchantments loop but I've done all the peaks enough times that it wouldn't be the first choice. would love to hear more thoughts on ptarmigan as a solo if anybody has done it. I haven't been anywhere south of cascade pass so I have no idea how broken up those glaciers are.
  4. I was looking for ideas for a trip in the cascades that might be similar to the ptarmigan traverse but wouldn't be too dangerous to do solo. I don't mind doing a bit of solo glacier travel but don't want to do anything too sketchy. ptarmigan might be just beyond by danger threshold for a solo journey (although I haven't done it) but would love to know if there is anything similar in length (or longer) and scenery that be a bit more low key.
  5. I was thinking about Goode for later this summer, what made you bail?
  6. no not many at all pretty few in fact. but everything I hear or read is good. which is high praise considering the east and west ridges are some of the best climbs i've ever done.
  7. NW face seems to be becoming more popular, I've heard many claim its the best route on the mountain! Will definitely have to check it out one of these days There was a fair amount of that stuff on the route but it didn't give us too much trouble. Thanks for your report on peakbagger, we were happy to have your beta before the trip! I think its a matter of preference, I don't mind camping in the snow and we did see a guide group camping down low in the basin to do some other stuff but on the other hand, it really wasn't too bad doing it in a day!
  8. For us, Forbidden in a day is a big day! I can hardly imagine the TFT in that time. Here's a photo of the traverse
  9. Trip: Forbidden - West Ridge Date: 6/17/2017 Trip Report: Made use of the somewhat finicky forecast Saturday by climbing the forbidden west ridge. Glad we did as the route is in good shape, we moved reasonably quick overall and we didn't see a single other party on route. Road is still gated at MP 21 so there was an additional 30 minutes of walking to the trailhead but the trail is in good condition. Creeks were easy to cross and the trail is almost entirely snow free to the last big creek which we were able to easily pass over on snow. Despite a couple small moats starting to open, the ridge gully is in good condition and should be for a while. From the notch, we were able to climb snow free rock almost entirely to the summit by staying on the crest. Lower down on the north side of the ridge there is still considerable snow, but the ridge proper was predominately dry. Although the weather was mostly great, it did get chilly, however the wind and clouds that were blowing over the ridge added to the flavor, making the climb extra atmospheric and alpine feeling. It took us about 2 hours to climb to the summit from the notch and it was about the same time on the way back. We did 3 short rappels and a couple simul blocks to the notch. After putting our crampons back on we did 3 more rappels into the gully followed by a short downclimb. After slogging back down the trail we were back at the car after about 15.5 hours car to car. Had some beers and drove back to Seattle. Great day overall. Gear Notes: 5 medium nuts 5 cams .3-1 1 picket Approach Notes: Road gated at MP 21 last creek easily passable on snow
  10. Anyone have beta on the climbers approach into the boston basin? River conditions? worth it to bring skis? Was considering climbing forbidden, i'd be curious to know if lingering snow on the ridge would pose an issue also.
  11. I'd like to get up to Washington Pass for some rock climbing and (ideally) do the approach and exit and skis. Id be down to lead anything in the 5.9ish range and could follow harder. I've done lots of climbing out there and am looking forward to getting back. If anybody has ideas i'm down to hear them. right now I can be free by 1pm friday and could stay out there till monday or tuesday. Taylor lutztaylor76@gmail.com 509-669-5809
  12. Looking for a partner for the 27-30th particularly Thursday and Friday. Would like to climb trad routes in the 9-10 range. I can potentially follow a bit harder.
  13. I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the differences between these two classes. I've always thought of Aiare 1 as being the industry standard for learning avalanche fundamentals and its what guiding companies require upon hiring new employees. Do companies look at the NSP 1 as the same thing? and would I be missing out on any important content by taking an NSP class as opposed to the Aiare 1?
  14. Looking for a partner do some some tours or ski mountaineering with this winter. It looks like a break in the weather is coming early this week starting Jan 2nd, I will try to get out on a solo trip if I can't find a partner and avy conditions don't preclude. I still haven't summited helens so wouldn't mind that. im open to almost anything though. send pms to lutztaylor76@gmail.com -Taylor
  15. Its my last week before starting work and weather looks really good. Really hoping I can scrap together a partner and plans for the next few days. Would like to get in the alpine for some longer-ish routes. would like to do NW corner or NW face of NEWS, SW rib SEWS, Stuart N ridge, Prussik-beckey route, outerspace, orbit or anything else around the 5.8-5.10 range. Please get in touch if you're interested Taylor
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