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  1. Looking for a touring setup on a college-student budget. Boots would be in the 28-29 range. Let me know if you have anything, I am hoping to be ready for when the resorts close!
  2. Title says it all. North Cascades, Glacier Pk., Rainier, Olympics maybe. Glacier stuff mostly, but am up to follow some easy alpine rock if that's what you want to do.
  3. Looking to climb the Emmons in the next few weeks, but would also be open to the DC or other slightly more challenging routes. Greatly prefer partners that have summited Rainier before and are experienced/very comfort able with glacier travel. PM me if interested! I'm available weekends and can be available weekdays as well.
  4. Price drop to $100 shipped
  5. See mountain project ad https://www.mountainproject.com/forum/topic/113089607/grivel-air-tech-light-new-matic-crampon-used-once-115
  6. Have been tossing around an idea for a new ultralight cooking product geared towards climbing/mountaineering/ultralight backpacking. I would appreciate if some of you guys could take a little survey I made relating to the product! I will probably use the information a quick practice pitch to my entrepreneurship class (am a college student). If people take the survey or express interest and I do end up following through with my idea, I'll probably offer it on here dirt cheap first! Link to survey is below. surveymonkey.com/r/Z8Z3R2M
  7. Have this Fri-Sun and August 4-15 off before I head back to school, and am hoping to get on some easy/moderate glacier routes. Mainly am thinking Shuksan, Sahale via the Quien Sabe, Glacier Peak DC, and am open to most other glacier routes as well. If interested PM me and we'll talk details, experience, etc.
  8. Shuksan next couple of weeks

    bump, looking for competent partners to head up to the Sulphide this weekend. So far it is me and a buddy.
  9. Mount Adams Route Suggestions?

    I actually e-mailed the Yakama Tribe about this recently. Their response: "Regarding your question if Mazama climb is open July 1. The short answer is that the Yakama side of Mount Adams will not be open this year because of the 2015 Cougar Creek fire in the Bird Lake / Bench Lake areas. We lost most of the camping sites, watering sites, and the trails have hazards trees and blowdown all over. It will take us at least this season to assess the area. Although we are technically closed, it's likely people will access the Mazama Glacier from other routes and the area is unlikely to be patrolled. It's common to see hikers on that route from May through October, weather we are open or not."
  10. Scarpa Freney 42.5 - Price drop $80

    DPS - after doing a little research, I think you're correct!
  11. Cams and Tricams

  12. My stepfather bought this pair of boots in 2002, broke em in on a trail , and they have not been worn since. Stiff sole, leather, thinsulate insulation, vibram soles, and in excellent condition. Some scuff marks from being broken in on a trail, but purely aesthetic. Great boots for a low price compared to a new pair of leathers! $100 Now $80
  13. Looking for competent partners to climb Shuksan in the next couple weeks, preferably beginning on a weekday. Probably take the Sulphide glacier, would consider Fisher Chimneys with the right partners. Message me and we'll talk experience, goals, possible plans, etc.
  14. Got some 10 year old Scarpa boots size 42.5 that a family member bought and wore once. Full shank, heel/toe welts, insulated, Vibram sole, excellent condition. PM me, would let go for $100
  15. Looking to get out on some easy/mod glaciated peaks in the N. Cascades or on volcanoes. Message me to talk about possible objectives and experience level and stuff.