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  1. You get September yet? I'm struggling to enlist any friends to attempt September if you're interested...
  2. Well, that looks awful. Thanks for the picture anywhow!
  3. Anyone have recent info/conditions on buckner? Haven't been able to find any recent trip reports.
  4. $425 Skis - 2016 Scott Superguide 95 184 cm with Dynafit Speed Radicals mounted for 308mm + skins Great performing lightweight touring ski in good condition. Both skis + bindings weigh a total of 3,750 grams (8.25 lbs), and have been excellent as a touring ski for volcanoes/days which may require you to A-frame your skis for an extended walk. The heel has been remounted once (moved back) and is currently set at the front of its range for a 308 BSL. The toe-piece has only been mounted once. No core shots, only some minor scratches on the bases (two I tossed a little ptex in even though it wasn't really necessary). Skins are g3 alpinists that are quite beat up but work. Happy to send more pics upon request!
  5. Thinking something more remote and beautiful over technical. Glacier Peak? The Ptarmigan Traverse? Chelan-ish? Something "adventurous".
  6. Have the 4th to 10th off and hoping to do something remote, the reg. partners are all working. Let me know if interested! Brandon
  7. Older Grivel Rambo Tools with new BD Leashes. Picks are work but have been fashioned into something useable, which you can continue to do. New picks can be found online in the right places. $85 shipped
  8. @dave schultz Yes, that was definitely me and a buddy in the bivys! Wind was not fun on fri night/early sat up there in a bivy. Must've been earlier in the night, but we had a couple periods of decent gusts. BUT had zero wind the next night (sat night) bivying at 13k atop the Wapowety, which was rad
  9. Must have just missed us! Think I saw you guys high on route. We started Fri later afternoon, camped low, and moved up to 13k on the wapowety and camped there on sat.
  10. Did you happen to walk past our camp low down at 8000 ft on Saturday morning? Maybe spot two people in bivvys getting punished by the wind?
  11. Thanks for the info. The Wilson gully ended up being totally fine!
  12. Yeah @jstluise, I haven't seen any sort of reports/updates for a couple weeks. And thanks @ScaredSilly, Friday mid-afternoon to Sunday. The Comet Falls approach sounds like a nice change of scenery compared to the Paradise area.
  13. Debating between Paradise approach and the Comet Falls approach for a 3 day climb this weekend. Any special thoughts/suggestions from those with experience on the Kautz? Quite curious to see what the very warm weather will do to the Lower Nisqually. Much appreciated!
  14. Hoping to get out and climb the Kautz either next weekend or the weekend after. Would also be open to something similar in nature. Have summitted Rainier a few times (DC and Emmons), and am looking to begin hitting up the less crowded and more interesting routes. Shoot me a pm if interested and we can talk experience/dates.
  15. Would you recommend bringing skis or not really any use/reward?
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