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  1. Partner for C2C Climb June 2-3

    You mean July 2nd & 3rd? I’m looking to do Eldorado in a single push starting Tuesday evening hitting the summit hopefully early morning Wednesday.
  2. [TR] Silver Star - Silver Star Creek 06/02/2018

    Thanks for the report! What is the best way to access Silver Star? Is it better to go up Silver Creek, or drop over from the other side? I have been wondering about this for awhile now. What is the PROS of CONS of doing either direction. Thanks!!!
  3. [TR] Lane Peak - The Zipper 4/2/2017

    Thanks for the report. Where is the correct exit to the summit? Thinking of doing the Zipper pretty soon here, but want to make sure I take the right gully to the summit! Thanks,
  4. 2016/17 Ice Conditions

    Is it easier to access franklin falls from the ski resort area? Or is better to just on the normal road to the trailhead? Never been there in winter.
  5. 1/14 ice

    Pm sent
  6. I am off this coming Wednesday and possibly Thursday. Looking to do a single day trip up to Eldrado, or maybe SilverStar via Burgundy Col. I am open to suggestions. Only interested in day trips right now. Would love to get an early start. Thanks.
  7. I'm off pretty much every Friday, and can get week days off as well. Not really interested in climbing on weekends too much. Looking for partners mid week and Fridays. I'm pretty chill, laid back, have glacier rescue experience, and lead trad up to 5.7/.8. I'm looking to do mostly easy stuff this summer such as: 1) Eldorado, 2) Little Tahoma 3) maybe Emmons route on Rainier 4) Tomyhoi 5) SilverStar Stuff like that. I live in the Seattle area. Shoot me a message.
  8. Glacier/alpine partners July 1-7 (& all summer)

    I'm interested in doing Eldorado in one long day.
  9. Sat, 14 May 2016 Fatality in Icicle

    I believe her name was Zulfiya. Someone told me about it the other day. I don't know her personally, but it is a sad situation, she has a family and young kids. Be careful out there folks.
  10. Thanks for the report! Just curious how long does is take to get to silver star summit? I've always wanted to do this. Looks pretty straight forward. Thanks!
  11. [TR] Shuksan - Sulphide Glacier 5/7/2016

    Nice work!! I'm really interested in climbing this in the next few weeks. Was the Summit Pyramid all snow still? If so, was it pretty firm. Any good spots to just rap down the summit? Thanks!
  12. Nice job. Really to bad they just don't leave the gate doesn't open earlier in the winter.
  13. Now that the "cat" is out of the bag, why don't you at least post a few pictures?
  14. PNW ice in an el Nino winter

    What do you mean by more persistent blocking, is that longer or more frequent periods of high pressure, as we saw last winter? Yes. But honestly I want the ridge to set up farther west this coming year. Cold NW flow is so much better for damp days, and mountain snow.
  15. PNW ice in an el Nino winter

    Despite the fact that we are going into a Strong El Nino, this year will still probably be better than last year. Last year was an exceptionally warm year for multiple reasons. Last year was so bad, that this year is going to look awesome, despite the fact that we are going into a stron Nino. By the way there has been more persistent blocking in the Pacific the last few years, so I imagine there should be more clear days with ice.