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  1. Partner for C2C Climb June 2-3

    Looking for a partner for a C2C climb June 2-3. Stuart, Eldorado, Rainier, any objectives you have, happy to just get out on something rad. I did Rainier in a day at the beginning of May in 15 hours, Mailbox Peak in 1:15, so I'm cool going at full throttle or slowing it down for something cool. I lead 5.6 trad and follow 5.10a, lots of glacier travel experience. Text me at 4254992238 if you wanna get out! Located in Seattle.
  2. Rainier this weekend

    Hi Steve, the post was actually for last weekend. We ended up doing a c2c on Ingraham Direct. I'd be down to climb something else this season though.
  3. Rainier this weekend

    Hey Alex, I’d be down to climb something more tame sometime like Baker, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable teaching someone on Rainier. It’s just not a good place for introduction given the scale.
  4. Rainier this weekend

    Looking for a partner for Ingraham DIrect/DC on Rainier this weekend. I have crevasse rescue experience, AIARE 1, WFA, and am moderate-fast (Hood in a bit over 3 hours). I'm fine slowing it down too, just looking to enjoy the awesome conditions this weekend. I climbed last year via this route around this time and conditions were great.
  5. question Dry treated ropes?

    Super helpful- thanks!
  6. question Dry treated ropes?

    Recommendations for a good multipitch rope?