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  1. Pulled hamstring

    We all need a little massage and release. Preferable on a daily basis... Yes! best cure for a pulled hamstring!
  2. Cramping muscles while climbing

    I like to use coconut water as an electrolyte / potassium source. And I throw some sea salt in my water to replace the sodium. Has really helped to prevent cramps for me.
  3. Lake Arrowhead

    Going for a trip up there, any climbing places people would reccomend? Pinnacles looks good.
  4. Mammut wants permanently placed quickdraws to go.

    they are concerned about extended wear and tear cuasing serated edges that can cut ropes. It makes sense to me
  5. Fat Skis for PNW?

    these pics and discussion are getting me excited for upcoming ski trip!
  6. Crash Pad

    My friend and I got into climbing / bouldering at the same time, and we have always done it together. He got a new job recently and hasn't been able to go out as often as I would like to. We have been using some gymnastic type pads he got from somewhere (a little ghetto but they have kinda worked). Now that he is too busy to go with me all the time I was looking at buying a crash pad for myself. I have had a look around online, and I am a little overwhelmed by the choices. Is it worth spending the money for a real expensive one? or will a cheap one suffice? Any help / reccomendations would be much appreciated!
  7. Outdoor Gear

    I have a pair of the kuiu attack pants which I use for climbing with great results. They are super soft and stretchy but indestructably durable. I could scrape em up and down concrete and they'd be fine. They breathe very well, and don't limit movement at all. A little more expensive at $150, but you are paying for the durability of the product. Mine are over a year old, they get used on average about 4 times a week, and they are still in mint condition. I will have them for years to come.
  8. Vibram XS Edge vs. Stealth Rubber

    I also use the thin C4 and really like the feel of it. They have held up well so far.