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  1. Logging Around Frenches Dome?

    Sale withdrawn. From Mazama Blog
  2. Buy or sell mountaineering equipment Friday, March 16 at Mazamas Mountaineering Center. For details see Mazamas Blog
  3. Interesting photo project at Mazama Blog. A PSU geologist repeated glacier photos originally taken in 1901 and 1902. http://mazamas.blogspot.com/2013/03/glacier-rephoto-database-mount-hood.html
  4. The BLM is revising its Resource Management Plans for western Oregon, and they're looking for your input. For info, follow this link at The Mazama Blog.
  5. Crap! --- Just saw this in Mazama Blog
  6. "This recent decision would allow the park to begin operating by summer 2014." From Mazama Blog
  7. Logging Around Frenches Dome?

    Story in Mazama Blog.
  8. Looking for a rope partner at short notice. I'm a fit 46 year old with decent alpine and rock experience, traveling from Portland. Would carpool from PDX or meet at Pole Crk. trailhead some time in the stated window. I plan to make a couple day trip out of it.
  9. North sister conditions/trailhead access

    How was the Prouty route? Still in?
  10. [TR] MT Washington - North Ridge 7/13/2010

    Willing to share?
  11. trad gear and recent airport security

    Thanks Y'all. Guess I'll check it and not worry too much.
  12. Hi folks - there might be a better place to put this question, I don't know. Has anyone traveled by air with a trad rack in your luggage since the Christmastime almost-terrorist-event? I understand airport security is getting pretty harsh so I'm wondering if anyone has a story to tell about trying to get on a plane with those dangerous-looking pieces of springy metal and webbing. Any confiscations, rejections, interrogations, or cavity searches? Any recommendations for carry-on or checking the stuff?