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  1. FS: Scarpa Rebel Ultra sz 42

    PM sent on BD gloves. Thanks!
  2. Radness abounds. Pics are amazing as usual. Thanks as always for the stoke!
  3. WTB G20 Crampons

    Lightly used and moderately modified G20s for sale. $120 shipped. Filed down the 3 downward points that are on the single bar underfoot. IMO unnecessary weight and a liability when walking. Otherwise a great technical crampon. Pics upon request.
  4. [TR] Mt Hood - Ski Circumnavigation 5/7/2016

    Bangin. Always enjoy your adventures - thanks again for sharing!
  5. WTB Alpine touring ski setup

    PM sent. I've got some nearly new 170 G3 Zenoxide 88s w/ Speed Turn 2.0s @ 297 BSL and also a pair of Salomon MTN Explores size 26.5 up for sale. Nice volcano/ski mountaineering setup for a great price if you're interested.
  6. BD Carbon Megawatt Skis 178cm **NEW** $560

    Might want to rethink price. One can find these for as low as $600 online.
  7. Yo J. Common courtesy says to post as sold soon after selling. Or contact interested parties to let em know. Esp if you've posted the gear on multiple sites. As was the case here. Stay on top of your game, please and thank you.
  8. [TR] Yosemite Valley Ice - Widow's Tears 12/31/2015

    Wow. Real deal right there. Hats off to you guys!
  9. SOLD: A pair of Sterling Half/Twins. Fusion Photon 7.8mm 70m Dry. One Purple, One Yellow. In excellent shape - only used an handful of times solely for ice climbing. Climbed on for a partial season. Retail for $480. Selling for $240 shipped CONUS. PayPal F&F or add 3%. email preferred nicktruax(at)gmail(dot)com Email for pics as I'm CC challenged and can only upload photos to gallery. But really, they're ropes and in amazing shape.
  10. I'll take em. PM sent
  11. Looking for a used but not abused pair of TLT5 Mountains. MP 29 or 29.5 Will consider the Performances or some inexpensive TLT6 Mtns too, but trying to keep it cost effective. Trying to get my pops a budget pair, as the old man has never AT'd before and he wants to give'r a go after being on tele gear his whole life. Thanks for the help! Feel free to email nicktruax(at)gmail(dot)com
  12. Grivel Parts

    Yeah, Liberty Mtn is the NA distributer. I believe that's your best bet but I have a feeling that they don't stock such parts and would have to get them from Italy. Let us know what you find!