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  1. Prices include shipping from Idaho. OBO. Thanks for looking 1. Brand new in-box Tecnica ski touring boots. Never used...don't fit quite right. Seem awesome otherwise. $475 3. Brand new in-packaging BD Arc gloves, L. Just too big for me. $40
  2. Please see the mountain project listing for more details. Thanks! Pack, crampons, poles sold. All else remaining https://www.mountainproject.com/forum/topic/113682907/fs-jackets-50l-pack-ice-gear-cam-mitts-boots-more
  3. PM sent. Would like some photos of the MH 50L pack @ nickmestre22@gmail.com
  4. NickM

    Double ropes

    PM'd as well, 2nd in line.
  5. New with tags Osprey Variant 37 pack. Size M. Black. $110 shipped. Patagonia synthetic puffy/parka. Size L. $100 shipped. Not sure of model name. Much warmer than a micropuff, but less than the DAS parka. In great condition with no stains or rips, and not much sign of wear at all. Looks great. Quite light and could definitely be a technical piece, or to wear around town. Grivel G12 crampons. Used for a couple seasons of skiing but these things last forever. Automatic boot attachment. $85 shipped Photos: http://www.mountainproject.com/v/fs-nice-patagonia-synth-parka-osprey-variant-37-and-kamber-32-grivel-g12/112265908#a_112334490
  6. Brand new Osprey Variant 37. Size M. Black. $125 shipped. http://www.ospreypacks.com/us/en/product/variant-37-VARIANT37.html Grivel G12 crampons. Auto. Used a couple seasons of skiing. $90. Nearly new mens softshell pants. Size medium (31x31 ish). Near new condition, medium thickness. MEC (Canada's REI). $60. https://www.mec.ca/en/product/5029-941/Ferrata-Pants
  7. Check out MP for some gear that got me all over the place in the Cascades: http://www.mountainproject.com/v/fs-grivel-g12-k2-skis-and-more/112174670 Grivel G12 auto crampons K2 Annex 98 - 178 skis Instep crampons Headphones +20 Synthetic sleeping bag
  8. See this link for more details: http://www.mountainproject.com/v/fs-speed-22-instep-crampons-pas-sleeping-bag-sat-phone-rain-jacket/112174670 OBO. Will update as stuff sells. Ships from Bend, OR. Will split shipping with you. Thanks! Camp Instep Crampons: $25 Bluetooth headphones: $25 MH rain jacket: $40 Cheap -20 sleeping bag: $55 Iridium satellite phone: $400
  9. No set schedule, as I'm doing the seasonal camper van thing, but I plan to head Bugaboo way around June 20th. The season is sounding on at this point up there. Just a 1-way offer; thought I'd post this to see if anyone was interested. A little gas help would be appreciated. Happy summer! PM if interested.
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