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  1. I'm looking for some more people to get into the mountains with. I've lived in Seattle for over a decade and have hiked and climbed in the cascades over the years. Some past routes I have climbed have been West ridge of Stuart, Shuksan's Fischer Chimneys, Kautz Glacier, Tooth etc...I'm hoping to get on North ridge of Baker this year as well as maybe try out my new AT ski setup. Slogging in and out has gotten old! Anyway, if you have got experience and in the Seattle area drop me a line. I work M-F and I'm free most weekends.
  2. Alpine Partner this weekend.

    Pm sent
  3. I'm interested in climbing the n ridge of baker this weekend. I've got Friday off too
  4. Parking lot camping is always welcome in the pnw
  5. Looking for a setup for getting into backcountry skiing/ski mountaineering. I wear 27-28 boots.(9.5 men's)
  6. A set of never used Camps. Put these in your museum or put 'em to use! $40 Local pick up in Seattle. I live in Wedgwood and am working at the UW Mecical Center and can meet after work at either place M-F Call Alex 206 384 7148
  7. Metolious Training holds. Great for training at the house. Local pick up in seattle. I live in Wedgwood and am working at the UW Medical center and can meet after work M-F $20 Call or text 206 384 7148
  8. WTB Micro Traxion

    Looking for a Petzl Micro Traxion.
  9. Mt Stuart accident

  10. Mahalo! Couldn't ask for better weather up there. Would like to see some of those photos!
  11. Trip: Mount Hood - Pearly Gates Date: 1/25/2015 Trip Report: Being that this is a popular route, I figured I'd write up a trip report for anyone thinking of going up to hood the next few days looking for photos. We encountered warmer than average temps this weekend with some notable ice fall coming mainly from the steel cliffs. After waiting for the sun to come up in a moat we made a quick push to the summit via pearly gates. The bergshrund was easily crossed. We climbed the right gully which seemed more mellow then in the past but still requiring 2 tools. Given the warm weather and the increasing ice falling, we rapped the gully with a 60m and a picket. Saw someone slip and slide all the way down the slope coming out of the gates but walked away uninjured, hope you're okay! Glissaded most of the way back to timberline just in time for lunch Gear Notes: Aloha Shirts
  12. BD Cobra ice tool on descent from Lane

    How'd the zipper look?
  13. This is what Practice gully looked like this morning
  14. Sending you an Email about the Bivy