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  1. Inspiring. Such adventures are what I'm currently working toward... so thanks for sharing!
  2. Nice work. I've been eying that climb for a bit now. ... Occasional trail runs around the various trails and scrambles of the Constance massif. Sniffing it out. It IS a big mountain with unexpected surprises all over the place. Thanks for the beta and the stoke!
  3. [TR] Eldorado - NW Couloir 3/1/2015

    I had the privilege of meeting and skiing with Chuck last weekend. I enjoyed his version of the story. Nice work and beautiful photos. Hope to follow your footsteps.
  4. [TR] Ruth - Standard 11/11/2014

    It is bony, but very beautiful. Nice shots!
  5. Just wanted to echo a big thanks for this post! I hope to do something similar with my kids and this should help convince my wife!
  6. Very nice. Thanks for posting. I hope to do this some day!
  7. coolio! I've been thinking on this trip for a while… your tr will prove useful when my time comes. I think this is the way to do Olympus. Fast and light.
  8. Awesome write up. Inspiring trip. Looks super fun. Are you from the area? I live in Poulsbo and am somewhat new to the area… Looking for good climbing friends and partners who share my enthusiasm for all kinds of adventure in the mountains. I've been eyeing this traverse and a traverse of the constance massif as well for some time Send me a pm if you are open for another partner
  9. Looking for alpine / trad partner and mentor

    Jay… I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. Looking to get out and practice and work up in the trad world. I am new to climbing about 2 years. My main area of interest is backcountry skiing and alpine climbing. I've discovered that multipitch trad climbing is another one of my soul passions and I just need to find good partners who share my enthusiasm, ethics etc. I live in Poulsbo and get out frequently to the North Cascades and Olympics. I don't think I'm much of a mentor, but perhaps we can mentor one another and grow together Give me a call or text. 360.930.2920 or email. peckdaniel@gmail.com
  10. Lowell, Very cool video. I especially liked the contrast in gear… and the subtle reminder that we don't need much to travel through the mountains in good style.