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  1. Rainier DC Conditions

    Ok that's pretty good. Forgot about that site thanks kerwinl.
  2. Rainier DC Conditions

    Hey I checked this forum and the Rainier board but saw no beta so I'll ask here, does anyone know what the conditions for the DC are like this year? If possible can you tell me how direct is the route due to crevasses, how many ladders are setup and how much fixed line did RMI see fit to rig? Has the weather been unusually warm, anything else unusual? Thanks alot.
  3. I'm looking for a partner for some late July through August climbing in the Sierras, say the week of July 21st and onwards. I'm looking for multipitch routes that involves day trips or maybe a maximum of a 2-3 day trips, 5.9 or lower. Definitely interested in alpine. Whitney area, Temple Crag, etc are prime locations. Classics seem the best candidates to me but if you have local knowledge of a more obscure route you want done let me know. I'm a fit dude by mountaineering standards, not superhuman but I probably have a couple 20 hour days in me. That said, I'm also fine with camping at say Temple Crag and doing classics at an efficient but leisurely pace. I have mountaineering/alpine and back-country rock climbing experience. I.e. Rainier, Shasta, Baker and many pitches of alpine climbing climbing. However unless you are really experienced and we can communicate well we probably wouldn't want go big with a Whitney cirque or Evolution Traverse with a first time partner. I do live in a close by state but I don't live in California hence the reasonable difficulty of finding alpine partners here.
  4. FS: Valandre Bloody Mary, medium, left zip

    Bump price now $380
  5. Sierra Mountaineering in March

    Thanks alot for your comments. iluka, do you have any knowledge or opinion of the snowpack this year? Does the low snowpack help or hinder travel to say, the Palisades or Mt Clarence King.
  6. Sierra Mountaineering in March

    I can't go till March. Also, if there is snow, does this mean it is possible to drive up to the trailhead just like it was summer, ie the road to Glacier Lodge is clear? The road to Lake Sabrina?
  7. Brand new in packaging with tags. Asking $410 OBO.
  8. Sierra Mountaineering in March

    Hi, trying to get on some Sierra peaks like Mt Clarence King or Thunderbolt, etc. Does anyone know if the appropriate summer trail heads are accessible if the snow is low enough? i.e. does the park service actually close the road? For example you can easily drive up to the Whitney portal in winter despite the road being "closed". Can anyone with any winter Sierra experience give input (ie this is a bad idea logistically).
  9. Doh. This is not a trip report. Please reclassify, mods.
  10. Trip: Left Kindle at Boston Basin Upper Camp (6500' aprx - Date: 8/20/2013 Trip Report: Left my kindle at the boston basin upper camp. Did not bag Forbidden due to bad weather, then forgot kindle. It is in the approximate area of the red circle in the picture below. Please pick it up if you are doing one of the peaks, better than letting the weather/marmots destroy it. Nice if you can message to arrange return. [/url] [/url]
  11. Anyone have any beta or been out there recently? Wondering about how the low snow conditions this year are affecting the approach. Are the shrunds/moats navigable?
  12. Favorite climbing pack for ski mountaineering ?

    Hey thanks for the great tips. Size is dictated by the routes. Usually I'm looking for a 10-16 hour day, so it sounds like if it can take a rope outside the pack, ~25 is a good size. Dave and JasonG, thanks for the BD and Arcteryx options, and I'll check them out. I like these companies but just for vanity and gearwhorishness, can you think of anything from a smaller company? Any dyneema options? I'll check out the selkirk pack too Kevino.
  13. Hi all, I'm looking for a ski mountaineering pack that will carry gear and be lightweight and easy to carry. Most of the time there will just be water in it but other times it will have skis, pickets etc attached. Also if anyone knows the best way to attach nalgenes for easy access. I'm thinking of using this pack for fast and light ascents on Rainier, Baker, etc. Anyone have any favorites?
  14. Rope For Rainier

    I have one of these guys. http://www.backcountry.com/beal-rando-30m-dry-cover-rope?CMP_SKU=BEA0010&MER=0406&CMP_ID=GAN_GPLA&003=8219600&010=BEA0010-PETBL-ONESIZ&mr:trackingCode=B19421DA-F061-DF11-9DA0-002219319097&mr:referralID=NA&mr:adType=pla&mr:ad=32930638185&mr:keyword=&mr:match=&mr:filter=55454426145&origin=pla&gclid=CIPnmrbhr7YCFREwzQodvkgATA
  15. Fixing small holes in stretchy synthetic clothing

    Thanks all for the tips. G-stopper these pants seen something epic.