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  1. Fire closure in the Enchantments!

    We posted up the air quality telemetry today. The graph seems a little subjective, as localized pockets get better and worse as the day progresses, mostly worse. The link at the bottom of the article is the updated info. From a personal perspective this is a total disaster,our favorite time of year is toast. The news is saying the fires will not be out before winter. Icicle TV air quality article Sounds like they are moving the fire base from Fromms field to Fish Lake because the pilots could not see the landing area.
  2. Snow Creek trailhead fun

    Will post a notice on Icicle TV tomorrow, thanks for the heads up.
  3. Leavenworth swimming hole?

    The best swimming hole for kids in Leavenworth is our towns pool! Salt water pool, no chemicals and the diving board is kick butt!
  4. Ouch,it must have been an long walk down with only one shoe. I found it and would like to get it back to you. PM or post here.
  5. Leavenworth Mountain Association - 6/6 7:30

    Icicle TV will be there to catch up with all the Leavenworth peeps, give out some stickers and enjoy beverages responsibly. What are you doing tomorrow? working? Cancel that nonsense right away and come on over, our weather is better! Sol Wertkin- Castle Rock Photo: Shane Wilder/ Icicle TV [img:left]http://www.icicle.tv/images/stories/Climbing/sol.jpg[/img]
  6. [TR] Snow Creek Wall - Orbit 4/30/2012

    Did you ride your bike from Seattle? Like the write up, good stuff!
  7. Sol and Grant take Icicle TV up Castle Rock

    [video:vimeo] Here's the video straight from our Icicle tv vimeo page. If you have a cool idea for a local story idea shoot me a pm here or contact me at info at icicle.tv. We are all about covering local folks doing fun and interesting things. We climb, but icicle tv is a broad based website, so any good story idea will be considered Thanks for watching!
  8. Best place to live in WA?

    Leavenworth of course. Driving more than 15 minutes to go climbing is just uncivilized.
  9. Sol and Grant take Icicle TV up Castle Rock

    Here it is-Icicle TV's first climbing vid of the year featuring Leavenworth Mountain Association members Sol and Grant at Leavenworth's most classic of crags-Castle Rock. Music by one of our favorite local bands, Chumstick Liberation Front. Check out the guys cranking on MF Direct, Midway and the appropriately named No Such Thing as a Free Lunge. You can check out all the action over at ICICLE TV, but be sure to come back to CC.com for all your climbing needs.
  10. Icicle TV is just putting the finishing touches on a new climbing video shot at Castle Rock with Leavenworth locals Sol Wertkin and Grant Sutherland as they climbed MF Direct, Midway and No Such Thing as a Free Lunge. We caught up with the guys this last week, expecting Castle to be relatively free of crowds but it turns out that many folks had the same idea with teams climbing Damnation, Saber, Midway, Angel, Canary and the south face of Jello Tower. Everyone put up with our antics and we gave out Icicle TV stickers and Tootsie Rolls to the natives to ensure safe passage. Stay tuned to CC.com for the finished edit to come out either today or tomorrow. [img:left]http://sphotos.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/579218_315693918503127_118754268197094_768803_427061691_n.jpg[/img]
  11. Climbing in WA in late april

    Leavenworth is drying out. Still some seeps and drips here and there and snow on some of the hillsides. Upper Castle rock looks dry, but there looks to be a bit of snow at the base of lower Castle. We have already seen ticks on the dogs, so early. The Icicle TV crew got out today for a fancy photo shoot. ICICLE TV
  12. Icicle TV sat down and talked with mountain photographer John Scurlock over coffee recently. John's new book Snow& Spire chronicles a decade long project; flying around the Cascade mountains in his homemade airplane, photographing remote jagged peaks in the dead of winter. Join us for a discussion about life, his passion for flying and... the unseen. Icicle TV John Scurlock interview [img:left]http://www.icicle.tv/images/stories/Climbing/scurlock_440x248.jpg[/img]
  13. Young crusher, 12 y/o sends 5.13d

    Great video! this is the best thing we've seen in a long while. Rumr, check your PM's.
  14. Icicle TV

    Icicle TV just wrapped up an interview with John Scurlock at Good Mood Food in Leavenworth. His amazing new book Snow and Spire chronicles a decade of winter flights in the North Cascades. No stranger to CC.com, John's images have fueled a new wave of difficult alpine routes in Washington. John's stunning images of remote mountains, snow plastered fire lookouts and wild alpine scenery firmly establish him as the heir apparent to his friend and hero, famed glacier photographer and author Austin Post. Thoughtfully written and researched coupled with outstanding photography, Snow and Spire is a lasting testament to John's love of flying and photography. Special thanks to the Leavenworth Mountain Association for inviting John give a slideshow and book signing at the Icicle Brewing Company last night. Keep an eye out for the full interview and video segment coming soon to Icicle TV.