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  1. Cassin X-All Mountain Tools, pair

    I'll take 'em! Sending you a pm now
  2. [TR] Utah-SLC - A few 1/16/2016

    so did they let you take the screws on your carry on?? looks like some good ice!
  3. Pictures here!! ----X4s---- $45 each Sizes 0.1 (red), 0.1/0.2 (red/yellow), 0.2/.3 (yellow/blue). I bought the X4's recently but still generally place my mastercams or aliens so these have mostly been sitting in the closet when I go climbing. All 3 are in nearly new condition. None have taken falls and the only signs of wear is some light scratching on the lobes from the few times I did take them out. I will provide matching neutrino biners for $3 per biner. -----Draws----- $60 for set 2 BD Hotwire 3 BD Posiwire 1 Petzl Spirit Jon (4O6) 498-O894
  4. FS: Climbing gear -- cams X4s, BD quickdraws

    red x4 sold
  5. Pictures Here! FS: Size medium First Ascent Igniter Jacket - $75 I have way too many jackets and this one has been sitting in the closet way too long.. It is in great condition (I literally hardly wore it). Nothing wrong with it, it just doesn't fit me perfectly. Jon (4O6)-498-O894
  6. SOLD. Cilogear 30L

    what size? definitely interested!
  7. FS: Boots, Ski, and Climbing Gear

    I'll take the camalot and the 5.10 shoes. PM sent
  8. [TR] Mount Stuart - North Ridge Complete 8/2/2015

    Is there any water mid-route now?
  9. Ski, Mountaineering, and Climbing Gear for Sale

    I'll take the mastercams and the BD vipers. PM sent!
  10. [TR] Eldorado - NW Couloir 3/1/2015

    Absolutely gorgeous photos!
  11. FS: never used climbing rack

    If the nuts happen to be offsets, I'd definitely be interested. Also, may be interested in the aliens (depending on sizes). Also might be interested in the rope. Obviously, only if you're willing to split things up. Let me know!
  12. FS: Clothes, Boots, Shoes, Skis and more!

    I'll take the 5.10 pitons! PM sent
  13. Hoping to get out this weekend. Would like to do any of the classics like Triple Couloirs, Cosley-Houston, etc... Or pretty much anything, honestly. I've done a lot of ice and mixed climbing (I'm from Bozeman), and have plenty of gear -- just not a partner! Give me a call if anyone wants to get out. Jon 406-498-0894
  14. Grivel Reparto Corses

    how much do you want for them?
  15. Cams, belay devices, biners oh my

    just sent you pm for the totem
  16. FS-DMM Sentinel, Bugette; Mammut T-Peak Headlamp

    Pm sent on the screw
  17. Jon I was up there this weekend and, as unlikely as it seems, I'm pretty sure I saw your shoe. It was a little ways beneath the col on the bench camp side. Unfortunately, I left it in its place thinking that it was meant to ooze its special climbing power to the whole valley. Good on ya for doing that whole route with only one climbing shoe!
  18. Bad ass! Talked to Michal yesterday and he said you guys climbed the place out. Didn't realize until later that you guys literally climbed the place out! Very impressive!
  19. High-Altitude/Winter Mountaineering Equipment

    pm sent on the sleeping bag
  20. Found: Chaco flip flops exit 32

    Found a pair of chaco flip flops at world wall over the weekend. If they are yours, let me know!
  21. SOLD: Beal Joker 9.1 mm Unicore, 36 m

    PM sent
  22. Hey guys. A couple friends and I are making a trip to Red Rocks then over to Zion next week. We were hoping someone might have guidebooks that are just collecting dust that we could buy? Or even just borrow for a week and a half. Thanks! Jon