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  1. Thanks Veikko. Let me know at your earliest if you can find the book. Regds TG
  2. Anyone gotta copy of - Waddington Guide. Borrow or purchase is what i am looking for. Any info on if any library is having it also will be helpful. Thanks TG
  3. If anyone has a sphere copy of - Waddington Guide by Don Serl, Would be interested to purchase. Thanks TG
  4. Anyone would be interested in taking a trip to - Ecudor during thanksgiving weekend. I am looking to get onto - Cotopaxi. Sone logistics are discussed with a local guiding company in quito. Thanks TG
  5. Looking for Motivated Mountaineers/Alpine Climbers to Explore Different Areas and Travel. My ability is - Rock Sports - 5.10 Trad Alpine - 5.6/5.7 Skiing - Single Black Working on - Snowkiting. Side Hobbies - Taking picture on mountain My Aspirations are to go climb different areas of the world including but not limited to - Seattle/Canada/Alaska - Peru - Ecuador - Patagonia - Nepal - Indian Himalaya - Himachal/Garhwal/Ladakh - Baffin Island Would like to form a Team with the individuals who are interested in taking trips and enjoy the Mountaineering/Climbing with adequate mountain skills. Regds TG
  6. I am looking to partner with people to climb some peaks in - Peru/Huaraz area. At this time I am mostly looking at cordillera blanca range and huascaran. I have alredy started talking with some guide with full support. Please contact me if you wanna make some plans on this. Tapas
  7. I am interested to work with you and also i am ISO of a strong partner for climbing this summer in - Peru. Let me know when can we talk. Thanks Tapas 414-870-0032
  8. I am planning to be in Washington for few weeks during Mid Spring Season of 2018. I am interested to attempt - Mt. Baker, Mt. Rainier and other Possible peaks around the area. Looking for partner to climb with. Regards TG 414-870-0032
  9. Hi All,Greetings.I am looking for some options in Alaska for some peak bagging without spending the $500+ Tax Flight.What are the Peaks/Glacier High Mountain - Mountaineering option in - Late Spring (May End) with cheapest possible air taxi cost (Between 200-300 round trip drop off).Any - Suggestions/Opinions are welcome.With RegardsTG
  10. I am planning to do a short trip during - Memorial Weekend. I can not really get a long break from work for a month - Even though that will be really nice. I am hoping to get out in Ruth or Kahiltna and camp out there for - may be 3-4 days and try to do some hiking out there.
  11. Alex - Call me 414-870-0032. Let us do some talking for before we decide to do it.
  12. I am not sure if they have any such plan. I doubt if they will give you a per place cost - Even if they do they will adjust the price such a way that it still cost each one - 500+. That is one of reason for me to hesitate to take such expedition - because of this huge cost involve. We all have to fly down to anchorage first and then pay again for this flight to get down to actual climbing are. I can call them tomorrow and find out. Otherwise, I think that is one of the cost we have to sphere for that area.
  13. I am open for discussion any way. Call me whenever you have time - 414-870-0032
  14. I am fine with - If we think it is safe enough to navigate around without a guide.
  15. I am looking to get setup with Few people to explore the Ruth Gorge in - 2018 Spring/Summer Season. My idea is to spend few days in Anchorage first - One day in Matanuska Glacier (Get all the crevasse rescue and ice climbing). If possible hike one day in - Exit Glacier (Get more situated with Alaskan Glacier Travel). Then fly down and setup a Base camp in - Ruth Gorge for 2/3 Days. Get familiar with the area and do some climbing with skill level permits. I am not a die hard mountaineer or climber - I can do whatever is my limit. Looking for few like minded people to share the Guide cost or any other cost which can be split. If you wanna do more intense climbing - you are most welcome to do so. With Regards Tapas
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