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  1. skagit county rock guide

    Big Rock is another nice skagit (sport) cliff. Easy access and difficulty varies from 5.6 to 5.10b, I believe. Most or all of the bolts are new and in good condition. Mountain Project has a good page on this area to get you started should you decide to include it. While the page is listed under "Bellingham area climbing," the cliff is actually just south of the Big Rock Grocery in Mt. Vernon on Highway 9. http://www.mountainproject.com/v/big-rock/107329455
  2. KIDS/PARENTS -- this is a trial

    The Petzl Simba is another good option. It's got a wide adjustment range, and is designed simalarly to the one in the link above. My son loves it and has years of growing room in it.
  3. Trekking Poles...

    I bought a pair of those exact poles to go up MSH last year. I lost the tip and snow basket under about 6" of snow on the first time out... just came right off in the snow half way up, making it useless for the rest of the trip. Whatever you get, make sure it's not these.
  4. Is it possible to change my display name?

    Thanks.. Much appreciated!
  5. Is it possible to change my display name?

    Olyclimber- I'm trying to get away from display names that are often heard at bingo halls... Mason G would work if your an admin who can do this.
  6. Is possible to change my display name from M35 to something else or am I stuck with this one? Attempts to figure this out on my own have failed.
  7. I can't find this in any store, new or used, so if you have it and no longer use it, I'd love to take it off your hands. I believe it's called "Rockin on the Rock" or something to that affect.
  8. Parents have to learn to ski?

    My wife and I put our son on a snowboard when he was 3. Without much effort he learned to stand on the board and ride it... Stopping and turning are still a work in progress, but we bought the kids harness at Mt. Baker, and even though it's not the best piece of gear, it works. If your creative you could probably make your own harness that would work better with webbing or a cordalette. Lifties slow the chair when he gets on and we let him ride without getting too out of control. It takes patience, and Kaskadskyjkozak is right, they don't last that long anyway. Kiddie boards and boots are all over craigslist and every rental shop has little kiddie boards. For us the main obstacle is what to do with him once he's had enough. Rather than push him to much we typically take turns riding while he plays in snow or naps.
  9. New Girl

    I'm also very new to climbing, and I met my climbing partners by wandering around the routes at Mt. Erie meeting strangers. It was a little akward but my first time out doing that, a guy offered to swap numbers and show me some basics. The only suggestion I have is don't be afraid to inquire about how much experience someone has before you get off the ground. Good luck, and have fun!
  10. Who is doing what this summer/fall?

    I want to learn glacier travel and crevasse rescue skills this summer without shelling out hundreds of dollars to AAI or the like. I figure when the time comes I'll offer money or beer here for lessons and see what happens. My wife and I were really bummed when our plans to take the course at SAC fell through, since it's the only reasonably priced option that's close enough to where we live to be pratical.
  11. Mt Erie on Sunday?

    I'm really new to climbing, so I may not quite qualify as "capable partner" but I can follow 5.9ish if your patient on the belay and dont mind me falling. I can lead belay. Also I have my own rope to fall on if that counts for anything. That being said, I live about 2 miles from Erie and I'd be up for climbing this weekend, if you don't mind my status as a "noob."
  12. Mt. Baker/Shuksan Arm Avalanche

    Is that chair 8 in the first picture?
  13. FS: Kappa Hoody, M280 harness, odds & ends

    PM sent for pulleys. Got the pulleys a couple days ago. They work great, thanks!
  14. Name your price. 2 MSH permits for July 3rd, 2011. PM or post back. Won't let me delete the post - but we got our permits, thanks.