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  1. New Girl

    It's called being female. JoshK... SHHH! don't talk about trade secrets that are not yours to share~ <3
  2. New Girl

    Well gee, thanks to keenwesh's gem of an opinion, i'll reconsider throwing myself off a giant cliff... i guess i should've figured considering the "climbing" part of the activity. . .
  3. New Girl

    If you don't know how to use a PAS... or you're not sure if falling 30 feet is a good or bad idea Sometimes i look down 30 ft. and really wonder...
  4. New Girl

    Thanks so much for the info! the mountainproject looks like an incredible resource! Mark- see you on there sometime soon. You'll notice me from the GIANT smize i'll have on my face
  5. New Girl

    Hi! I'm new to climbing and I was hoping for some advice. I live in the Yakima Valley and I don't believe we have even a climbing wall here. I'm dying to learn and I'm willing to travel around to meet up with people who wouldn't mind teaching me! I've only done basic rock wall climbing when I lived in New York so I'm super excited to try climbing outdoors. Any suggestions on where to go? Who to see? What to buy? ANYTHING? I'm ordering Freedom of the Hills after reading many of the posts here as well as Rock Climbing: Mastering Basic Skills. Where can I go for affordable beginner gear? All help is welcome- as are all new friends~ Thanks!