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  1. A couple of years ago I lost a right Outdoor Research glove ice climbing. I'm not sure of the exact model name but it is similar in insulation and weight to the BD Punishers. If anyone has a mismatched right glove with no left in a size medium that is comparable to what I have, I would gladly buy it from you. Thanks
  2. My partner and I retrieved some gear, including cams, at the top of the second pitch of White Satin at Smith Rock State Park on 7/25/14. If you think it is yours, please describe the gear and we will see about getting it back to you. We live in the Portland area so if you are local we will see about meeting in person to return lost gear. If you are local we will trade the gear for the story and call it even. If you are not local, we will trade the gear for the story and the price of shipping. Thanks.
  3. I have an extra lid for the 30L. It's possible that it might fit on the 45L. Worth a call to Cilogear to find out for sure. It is the older style so it is a little smaller, that is why I got a new one. If you are interested I'd be willing to part with it for $15 shipped or $10 in person if you live near Portland. I can send pics if you are interested.
  4. Hey NZClimber, Those climbs have been on my list for some time now. I do some type of climbing at least 3 days a week and workout another 3 days so I have the required fitness level. I have some time off at the end of June and the first couple days of July. I have a sufficient amount of trad experience for those climbs (I would send you a tick list but for fear it sounds too much like spray). I enjoy very early alpine starts and like roughing it. However, I have had bad experience with partners that claimed things (particularly early mornings) yet their definition of early was 9 a.m. As a result I would insist on a day or two of cragging together to determine if we are on the same page. I live in Portland and have a good flexible work schedule with many weekdays off. Wouldn't be opposed to meeting you at Index or Leavenworth etc. or Smith if you are interested. Prefer the less crowded weekdays. Any questions feel free to drop me a line and a possible climbing meet-up. Web
  5. Hey cc, Would some kind local please fill me in on the conditions in the Mt. Stuart or vicinity area? Are the trails free of snow, what kind of condition are the routes in, what kind of climbing would you suggest (i.e. alpine, rock, etc)? Thanks.
  6. Great work! We all appreciate your contribution to the climbing community. I was curious as to where you buy the bolts. I really like the Powers bolts and I would like to continue to use those but I don't want to pay shipping for a box of bolts. I live in Portland, do you know where I can buy local in bulk?
  7. I am looking to buy any kind of stainless steel bolting equipment that you want to sell.
  8. I was wondering if you still had the nomics?
  9. Do you have any more picks that might be good for dry tooling? Which picks do you have and would they fit the nomics?
  10. Barely Used Outdoor Research Alibi Gloves size medium. They are in fantastic shape just a little too small for my hands. $30.
  11. I am looking to buy 2 nomic dry tooling picks. They certainly don't have to be in new/perfect shape as long as they still have some miles left on them. The better the shape the more $$ I'll pay.
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