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  1. cwired

    Mt Hood

    I was up there yesterday (Sunday 7/17/16). I wore running shoes and micro-spikes to the top of Palmer, then switched to boots/crampons. Went up Old Chute. The 'schrund is almost car size... maybe a Smart car. Old Chute was icy at the top - moderately good boot pack traversing from Hogs back. No one was going through Pearly Gates. Good tent sites all over the place below Crater Rock. Some pics (apologies for the large, misoriented pics. that's how they display here.)
  2. cwired

    Mt Hood

    No. I've hiked Old Rag many times. There is no comparison of Old Rag to Mt. Hood. Mt. Washington in NH or Katahdin in Maine would be better comparisons. Timberline Mountain Guides or other hikes in the area that would give you a good perspective on Mt. Hood might be a better option. or St. Helens as others have said. Or go yourself without your family and decide if you want to bring them up there...
  3. Nice work! After reading your TR I'll reconsider doing the same on my Yuba Mundo. Must have been a blast coming back down the road.
  4. bump. $100 obo They're getting dusty. Warm boot, lightly used. Make me an offer.
  5. Used 2 seasons in the cold cold Northeast ice climbing and mountaineering. In great shape - they've just been sitting for a while and I'm going through my gear. In Portland, OR $150
  6. Looking for partners in Portland for spring climbing & skiing. I've been mostly skiing this year and last. I have some climbing objectives for this spring. Let's compare notes :-)
  7. yeah - leashes are coming off. just looking for a backup if i drop a tool. thanks - also found this: http://www.alpinedave.com/leashless_rig.htm
  8. Not looking to start a holy war about any controversial topics, so keeping my question on point. I have a pair of pre-07 vipers that i'm replacing the android leashes and adding the Viper Fang and Strike. I've never dropped a tool with the Android leashes, but I'd like to attach an umbilical - i've read that i'll need to drill a hole and use a wire..blah blah blah... has anyone done this? Anyone added a cable loop w/crimp? just looking for any info on how to do this. Thanks.
  9. Longtime reader, 1st time poster. New to SE Portland. East Coast:(past climbing in Presidentials (NH), Katahdin (winter attempt),Ice in Crawford Notch, Keene Valley). Seneca Rocks, WV was home turf for summer rock. Spent the last 5 years in Albuquerque and played in the San Juans. Needles/Ouray. Avy level 1 in 2009 (Silverton Avy School). Have rock/ice/ski/avy gear. Mostly looking for some easy 'getting to know you' climbs. Maybe someone who knows Hood well - I don't. Then on to other things. 11 stone. 1.73 meters.
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