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  1. I have the same jacket. Sorry you lost yours. It's a great jacket...
  2. bistro

    Mt. Hood?

    A group called The Cascadians, might be a good option for you and your buddy. There is a small joining fee per year. $35.00 I think. They will teach you all the basics from the 13 essentials, equipment choices, food choices, hazzard evaluation, glacier travel, etc. and eventually to summiting a mountain like Mt. Adams, which might be a better first mountain choice. Mt. Hood can be fussy with the weather. Many of us have seen Mt. Hood go from sunshine to blizzard in a very short period of time. Mt. Adams' weather is more stable. It's more beginner friendly and more forgiving to mistakes...Good Luck....
  3. I've been told there is a route to white pass to Glacier Peak via Meander Medows trail 1525. This is reportably a less aggressive trail than the Saulk River Trail and the 3000 ft head wall route to White Pass. Has anyone been on this trail to the PCT and White Pass.??? Would this be a better alternative with 10 and 12 year old hikers than the Saulk River approch?? Thanks for any input...
  4. 1 other option is a treking pole supported 1 man tarp tent with your bivy bag.
  5. The direct II is simular to the First Light which is simular to the I-Tent. The First light is the least expensive tent and works very well in 4 seasons
  6. Lots of vadid points made. I believe the key is being as educated about the enviroment in which you'll be traveling as possible. Personally I carry a B.D. winter bivy and a light tent when ever I go out in winter or out alpineing alone. It's insurance when you leave your tent and gear behind at camp. Only weighs 9 oz. and impervious. I have used this bivy sack on very cold ridges inside a tent to trap more of my body heat. So it works kind of like an overbag in itself. BONUS !!!!
  7. bistro


    Hey I like Lance alot, hes got BALL's But remember he was beating guys who were dopeing along side of him. He beat the dopers. I think seeing how during that period of time all the fastest people were dopeing and Lance Beat them, His titles should be given back.
  8. Well I bought a pair of the afor mentioned soft shell pants. The pants are for me sized a little large. I am a 33 so bought a Large size as the fit chart sets the waist at 32-34 inches. Took them out for 2 hikes one on a day of about 15-20 degrees and another day around 40 degrees. On the cold day there was a lite wind, fog and snow. The hike was about 1 mile and 1100 ft. gain and I hustled up to the top. The pants breathed well, stopped the wind, and kept my legs and boots dry. They were warm, I did not wear thermals underneiht. There are 3 zippered pockets 2 slanted hand pockets and 1 thigh pocket. They are wide and of good depth. The thigh pocket was not so deep that items in the pocket banged against my knee, and I did not have to bend over but slightly to reach my pick up key at the bottom of the thigh pocket. The cuffs are well sewn and have 2 snaps for adjusments and no built in gator or tie down loops The waist has 2 buttons for adjustment also. The material is stretchy and moves while high stepping. The legs hang straight and did not ride up and stayed where they belonged. There is no belt but ample belt loops that are very wide and the waist is high enough that the loops or the belt I wore did not interfere with my pack. The inside of the pants are micro fleece the shell is Shoeler Dry Skin. On the warmer day,the pants vented very well and were comfortable. The pants never felt damp or clamy against my skin. The pants weigh around 18z I am returning the pants and ordering another pair but smaller. The pants were reasonably priced at $104.00
  9. bistro

    Denali Prep

    As for the suggestion to skip some of your climbs. DON'!!!! Climb all of them. When your finished you'll have expierienced something few people have had the opportunity to enjoy. Standing near the top of the World. Climb everything you are capable of....
  10. Western Mountaineering Ultra lite bag 20 deg rateing 1#13z Black Diamond Winter bivy 9z Epic fiber stay warm, stay dry, wind proof. better protection Same bag, B.D. first light tent 2#13z
  11. I made pouches for Qt. freezer bags for cook in bag stuff like ramen noodles etc. works pretty good for keeping stuff hot while it's softening things up, and doesn't dirty up your cook ware.I left a pencil size gap in one corner to drain spilled liguids.
  12. This might work for you. Get some of that aluminized bubble wrap. It's found at hardware stores and used for insulating duct work. Also get some metalized tape. Make a pouch large enough to encapsulate your platipus or other water carrier. Weighs almost nothing, a flexable thermos..
  13. How about AAI's Denali Prep course. Youd learn winter travel and have an oportunity to summit at least one peak.
  14. What is your fathers age?? It's pretty cool you can climb with him. My children were never interested in this activity so we did not get the opportunity to climb together. Iam hoping one of my grand children will be interested.
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