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  1. Mt. Hood?

    Thanks for all the responses guys! I'm planning ahead for backpacks though, I don't want to use this backpack just for Helens. I want to use it for camping, but also trips to other mountains. Plus, I don't think it'll be too bad for me to go heavier, I wont mind the extra weight. The only thing that I don't like about this backpack is that it is too fancy, too many un-needed straps and things.... I do have a 30 day return warrnty, I will check out some local climbing stores in Portland to see what backpacks they have. I'm planning on climbing Helens in the middle of October. By then I should have some crampons and an axe.
  2. Mt. Hood?

    I just got a backpack, how is it? here are the specs of it:
  3. Mt Hood/Old Chute 6/13/14

    Sorry man, I would totally go but I don't think hood is good for a first climb for me... Good luck out there though!
  4. Mt. Hood?

    Thanks for the advice! I already saw that website and knew about the permits, I was wondering if you guys had nay tips on the gear and sutff One question though, all of the tickets are sold out for summer, would October still work or am I risking it?
  5. Mt. Hood?

    Thank you for all of your replies guys! Though a guy like me doesn't have loads of cash, let alone cash that I will spend on a hobby. I'm planning on getting a little at a time. If I am going to be climbing Mt St Helens: 1. What gear do I need if any? 2. What is a nice time to go? 3. Could/Should this done be without any guides? Also, the Cascadians look like a great group/club, but I have never joined anything like this, can anyone give me an overview of what would be happening if I joined the group?
  6. Mt. Hood?

    Hey Guys, I'm new here so let me introduce myself properly My name is Dmitriy Kostenko, I am 15 and live in Vancouver, Washington. In the second grade I read a book called Peak, by Roland Smith, and after that I always wanted to climb something (I was smart enough to know that I probably wont be climbing Everest). But I am now 15 and am considering climbing. Since I am in Vancouver I have plenty of options of what mountain to climb first. But options bring lots of questions to me, would you guys mind helping me choose what I should do and answer some questions? 1. Is Mt. Hood a good option to climb for a first time with a buddy? 2. If me and my buddy have all the gear that is necessary and advised to climb Mt. Hood, can we do it without guidance? 3. What gear should I get for general climbing (Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainer, other mountains in the area) 4. What type of training should I get and how can I get it (via internet or classes?) to climb mountians in the general area? Also is there any information that I am missing? Thanks guys!