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  1. Alpinist 11

    Just curious if anyone out there in the PNW would like to part with Alpinist 11. I've been wanting to complete my collection for a long time. I be Whistler based, but shipping is all good. Happy spring climbs & tours...
  2. An evening with Barry Blanchard

    Sweet -- I'll be there. It's been a good few weeks with Ian Parnell in town not long ago for a talk at MP too. Hopefully we'll see a few more people out to see BB..
  3. Body Fat Testing

    A caliper averaged over time is generally more accurate than water immersion -- got that from this Mountaineer's book.. BF caliper
  4. climbing useful exercises for circuit training

    Great thread. I don't think these three excellent resources have been mentioned: Training for Peak Performance Some really decent training regimes in here that make use of circuits. Also good on the nutrition regime. Gym Jones aka Mark Twight's suffer zone... the shit here is just soul destroying Hyperfitness aka Sean Burch's insane series of cruel tortures that will leave you crying in a heap
  5. LASIK?

    I'm getting setup for PRK. I'm surprised that a good number of alpinists, climbers and the like are getting LASIK, as PRK has two benefits: (1) nothing is cut away, so you can get reshaping done later and (2) PRK is less susceptible to impact damage. Military, pilots and police must get PRK for these reasons. You have to suffer more -- temporary contact goes in after surgery, week long of terrifying and work incapacitating blindness -- but worth it. If you're in Vancouver, check out Pacific Laser. The doctor there built/invented the laser machine and the techniques now used worldwide, and he's the guy that fixes other surgeon's mistakes.
  6. blog here in Whistler, if you'd like to send us your Sea-to-Sky TR just let us know, happy to host your exploits .. http://notesfromtheneve.com
  7. Hola, +1 for a shit-stained TR.
  8. greets CC, as I am new here, you can check up on me over at TGR. Cash or paypal only. All prices + ship, Canada Expedited Parcel/Xpresspost which includes brokerage, tracking, delivery confirmation, insurance. Pickups welcome. I can deliver Sea-to-Sky if you're willing to meet halfway or wait a bit. PM me for pics. Mountain Hardwear EV2 Direct. SOLD. Arc'Teryx Bora 65 expedition pack (2009), SOLD.